Foods to Serve at An Open House

Best open house food ideas Foods to Serve at An Open House

If you’re in the business of realty, you understand the importance of making use of your properties.

If you’re not yet acquainted with a property management company, you’ll need to learn how to market your rental homes on your own.

The appeal of a property to renters doesn’t solely lie in the curb appeal or the design of a home.

Potential renters love the provision of food. Plan a delightful menu of party favors for your next open house, and put visitors in a good mood.

Here is a quick look at a few of the best foods to serve at an open house.

Refreshments are key at an open house

Open house drinks and refreshments

Every open house needs to have plenty for visitors to drink.

The drinks you provide for people should fit the season in which you are holding the open house.

For instance, hot chocolate is a great refreshment for the cold winter weather. In the heat of the summer, try making a fresh batch of lemonade or tea for potential tenants.

Always provide water, as it is a neutral drink that everyone craves at one point or another.

Chocolate chip cookies


Chocolate chip cookies are a longtime favorite for us all.  It doesn’t take long to cook up a few batches of cookies to serve at your open house.

Kids and adults will enjoy the gesture, and chocolate puts people in a good mood.

If you can keep it chilled, you can also provide milk for the cookies.

The warmth of your property will be easily seen through the eyes of a person comforted with milk and cookies.

Finger sandwiches

Open house sandwich food

Make your open house seem distinctively upscale by providing tiny finger sandwiches for passing peepers.

Tiny sandwiches are great for snacking and they’ll offer a gentle protein boost for the body.

Provide small paper plates for the sandwiches to prevent the need to clean up loads of carpet crumbs at the end of the day.

Also, don’t forget the trash can right by the table to discourage visitors from roaming about the house with food.

Slow-cooker chicken chili

Slow-cooked chicken chili is a southern favorite in the U.S., and it’s tasty enough to warm up the evening in the dead of winter.

Make people remember your open house with a flavorful blast of deliciousness in their mouths.

There’s nothing like a hot bowl of chicken chili when it’s cold outside.

Pumpkin caramels

For the guests who choose not to take part in snacking, there should be a small parting gift for the road.

Offer a small morsel of goodness. Chewy caramels studded with fresh pumpkin seeds are delicious and healthy-ish.

Offering a unique, homemade candy will make a special impression on guests.

Making a variety of open house foods available for your visitors will definitely help add to their experience. It’s also a great way for them to remember you and the property they’re visiting.

Take these ideas as inspiration for the next time you host an open house, and let your potential buyers or renters know you’ll not only take care of their taste buds and tummies, but their housing needs as well.