Old Smokey Electric Smoker Review & Comparison

There are a lot of different electric smokers on the market right now. There are options to fit almost any need and there are ones that can suit almost any purpose, but how can you know which one is the absolute best?

It is hard to answer that definitely, but Old Smokey has certainly created one of the better models that you can find these days.

In particular, this Old Smokey Electric Smoker is sure to serve you well for years to come. When you want to add a smoker to your home, without taking up space and breaking the bank, this is it.

The problem with a lot of the other models is that they cost an arm and a leg to purchase. Not only that, they end up taking up a huge corner of the kitchen or patio and it is almost impossible to find a place to permanently install them.

This kind of installation is something that isn’t ideal for a large number of people, especially when they aren’t running a restaurant. If that sounds like you, this is something you should look more into. We’ll cover all of the Pros and Cons, though, so that you know exactly what you are getting in to.


There is a long list of reasons that this is the best model for you, but we should look at a few of then in particular to have a better understanding of what you are looking at and what kinds of things will make it the best option for you and your home barbecuing:

Simple Design

When it comes to designing a smoker, there is a lot of complicated additions that can be thrown in. For some people, that is pretty overwhelming and not only makes them hard to use, but hard to clean.

Old Smokey has created this to have the simplest design possible and uses only a cylindrical shape and four grates that slide in and can easily smoke all of your meat needs without being a trying endeavor.

Not only that, but running on electricity means that it is very easy to control and maintain the temperature. Simple wood chips will be heated to the perfect temperature with a single and simple control knob. It couldn’t be easier.

When you want to smoke your meats, it is always best to have the chance to set it and forget about it until everything is done.

Old Smokey Electric Smoker

Sturdy Construction

For such a cheap smoker, the construction used here is incredibly powerful. The 280 square inches of cooking space are encased in durable and heat resistant aluminum steel that is also never going to rust. Weighing just over 20 pounds, it is almost unbelievable that they have accomplished so much in so little space.

What stands out in particular is the flat top that is used. This lets the juices drip right back into the food that you are smoking, allowing you to not worry about losing anything in a lot of different moving parts.

Having a door can be a great option, but you are going to run the risk of losing smoke and juices out it. That isn’t a worry here.

The fireproof and heat resistant handles round out the design and make it one that is great for having at home and staying safe at the same time. A lot of people worry about things like this, but you don’t have to when you have one that you can safely use, handle, and store.


If you are in the market for a smoker, you have no doubt seen a huge array of different prices that can sometimes deter you from finding the right one. Incredibly, this smoker has an unbelievable price. You really aren’t going to find anything like this on the market, no matter how hard you look.

Compared to the $10,000 smokers that restaurants use, this is something that has to be seen to be believed. If nothing else, you should be taking a second look at this model just because of the price.

Compact Size

Size is one of the biggest things that you have to think about when you purchase a smoker. Having a smoker at home is one of the biggest additions to your kitchen, but many smokers take up far too much space and that just isn’t possible unless you have a lot of space. Measuring just 15.5” X 15.5” X 29”, this is a compact option that is by and large one of the smallest anywhere.

This size is accomplished through the cylindrical design and makes it a great option for those tight on space. Save your space and make sure you have plenty of room to do other things, instead of committing your entire porch to a smoker.


To be completely honest, there are very few reasons that you should think twice about looking at this particular model. That being said, you should think about:

Cleaning Problems

The only complaint that anyone has rendered against this particular smoker is the difficulty that they sometimes have in cleaning it.

Some of the smaller parts can have a build up of tar and grime that isn’t easy to remove, although it is a small complaint given the compact size, and especially the price for what you are going to receive. Think about this if you have a problem cleaning a smoker as it is, although it shouldn’t be a major problem for most people.

The Verdict:

After looking at all of this, it is easy to see how the Old Smokey Electric Smoker is one of the better options that you will find anywhere on the market. There are plenty of more expensive options out there, but you don’t always get what you pay for when it comes to smokers.

Take a look at this model and you’ll be surprised how effective it can be and you’ll be hard pressed to find any better options.

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