When Should You Get A New Deep Fryer?

When Should You Get A New Deep Fryer? When Should You Get A New Deep Fryer? janeskitchenmiracles.com

You are what you eat: this frightening sentence makes us think about our daily diet and get frightened again. My daily routine includes everything expect for healthy food, so what? Should I lie down and die? Of course, no, it is a joke and nobody can change your daily routine unless you decide to do it yourself.

No one argues that we often have to eat something that is far from being healthy or useful, but what is our option? We love everything juicy, oily and sweet, that is our choice and we don’t want to change it.

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Let’s agree that we are the generation of fast food and mostly unhealthy diet. Our breaks are embodied in a big portion of pizza and burgers. Let vegetarians stay rested, as we don’t speak about healthy lifestyle yet. When we are hungry, the first thing that crosses our minds is calling the nearest pizzeria and ordering something to bite. Who said that pizza isn’t fast food? You have never been so confused, believe me. Pizza is undeniably fast food and even worse than any sort of burger.

Whatever it is, I just wanted to ensure that we all love fried food, not boiled or fresh vegetables, veggies, no offense, please.

I suppose that you will share my opinion that eating pizza and burgers for days and months is boring. We all need something new, something different, and something fried and crispy. Yes, I caught you on the word; we want French fries or chicken wings to bite through with ketchup and mayonnaise, hmmm, yummy.

The best way to have fried food for your lunch, dinner and supper is buying a new deep fryer. I pretend how difficult it is for you to deny the allure of deep fried food. Come and see that with a deep fryer foods taste even better.

Nevertheless, if you thought about your business of restaurant reading this article, then it’s high time to replace your old deep fryer with a new deep fryer. The best way of making your friends and family (or customers) happy is by serving delicious fried food. You cannot disagree that the right fryer will do the job. However you should ask yourself a few questions before going for a new deep fryer.

Q: What does your menu consist of?

It goes without saying that before purchasing a new deep fryer, you should take into account what you are about to serve be it a restaurant or for home usage. In case you need one for low sediment dishes like French fries, then an open pot fryer will do the job perfectly. On the other hand, if you want a deep fryer for heavier sediment items such as fish, chicken, onion rings and the rest, then you had better go for a tube fryer. And, finally if you have intended to serve heavily battered food like funnel cakes, tempura and so on, then stop your choice on a flat bottom fryer.

Q: What utilities will you use alongside with a deep fryer?

 It really matters whether you have a gas line in the kitchen or you use only electric appliances. Is the gas you use natural or liquid propane? When purchasing a fryer these issues are of utmost importance. You need to know all these to be sure that the deep fryer you have chosen is compatible with your kitchen armory.

 Q: What is the volume of required fried food?

  Obviously you should take into consideration how much fried food you need to prepare. The size of the deep fryer you want to purchase depends on the volume of fried food you have intended to cook. Generally the capacity of a fryer is determined by the volume of French fries it cooks in an hour. Usually it is counted by doubling the oil tank capacity of a fryer.

According to approximate calculations, a fryer of forty gallon is able to produce 75-80 pounds of French fries per hour, whereas countertop models vary in their capacity and are used for small volume duties. Anyway if you need to fry a few types of food simultaneously, you can put several small floor units in series next to each other or buy multiple tank floor fryer units.

 Q: How to have a long living fryer?

 We comprehend how exhausted you get by buying a new deep fryer or tons of oil for a large scale job in the kitchen. Actually it all speaks of the professionalism of your kitchen staff. In case they are not lazy to clean and filter the fryer often, then it will live longer than expected. However, if they fail to clean the fryer as often as needed, you will have to face buying a new fryer in a short while. When doing so, give the priority to a fryer with easier filtration options, in this way your staff will do the job quickly and easily.

Nevertheless, because of the day by day increasing oil prices, many manufacturers produce fry pots requiring less oil. Some of them even extend the life of oil due to the oil straining and filtering.

 Q: How to save more energy?

 When you have faced the option of buying a new deep fryer, it is recommended to take one factor into account by all means. Make sure that the fryer you choose is an energy saving one. You can save about $200 for electricity and almost $600 on gas on annual basis, if you choose an energy saving fryer.


And finally, we should state that any kitchen appliance will have a long life, if you take care of it as it is described in its book. What refers to deep fryers or fryers in general, they are known for their short life as they use hot oil. In case you don’t follow the quality of oil in the fryer, often overheat it then you will definitely need a new deep fryer sooner than expected. Thus our kind advice to you is treating your fryer like a family member, filter it, strain it, clean it and love it. Believe it or not, everything is reciprocal in this life, when you take care of something, then it will do the same to you.