Masterbuilt 20077515 Electric Smoker Review

Masterbuilt has no doubt been a solid producer for years in the smoker industry. With the vast array of options out there, it is often hard to know if you are making the right choice and even harder to know where to start.

Fortunately, every now and then companies come along and produce a model that is so far and away one of the best that it makes everything incredibly simple.

That is exactly what Masterbuilt did here.

They seem to have designed this smoker with all of the other problems that companies have experienced in the past in mind.

They have taken care of almost every concern that anyone has and made sure that they have covered all of their bases. In contrast to the large, bulky, and expensive options that restaurants use, Masterbuilt has created an electric smoker that doesn’t take up any room at all and remains incredibly lightweight without ever making you run the slightest chance of having to break the bank.

We’ll take a more in depth look at it just to show how high quality this is, so follow along and lets take a look at all of the pros and cons involved here.


The pros list here would be too long to cover everything, although there are in fact a few important bases that I’d like to cover to show just how good of a smoker this is.

Wireless Controller

This is by and large one of the best features that Masterbuilt has included here. This controller allows you to manage the food temperature via the probe and control the overall temperature without having to be standing in front of the smoker.

This is something that will likely be included in all models in the future when people want to have the most high tech option available.

High Temperature

When looking at home smokers, the most common problem is that they don’t reach very high temperatures that some people prefer to cook at. Reaching 300 degrees, this unit benefits greatly from the efficiency of the heating and the window in the front.

Regardless of what you are cooking and what kind of temperature you are looking for, this can more than likely handle it. Most people aren’t going to be cooking this high, although it also means that it has more power at any temp.

Masterbuilt 20077515 Front Controller Electric Smoker with Window and RF Controller

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Ease Of Adding Chips

The unique design of this smoker includes a lot of different features that are rarely seen in other models. For instance, you can insert your wood chips from the outside. If you are using it for longer periods of time this is important and something that should be included in more models.

Strong Construction

This smoker weighs an incredible 72 pounds, which is much heavier than many other home smokers. That being said, it is well constructed and that heavy weight comes with heavy duty construction that makes sure that this is an option that will last you through years of cookouts and plenty of family gatherings.

The 900 square inches of cooking space is filled with high quality cooking racks and surrounded in heavy duty metals that can stand the test of time without ever worrying about corrosion, rust, or breakdown caused by exposure to the elements.

Front Window

The front window that Masterbuilt constructed as a part of this is one of a kind. The ability to have a look at everything that is going on inside of your smoker at all times is something that should never be understated and something that you’ll certainly enjoy. Being able to visually sees the meats smoking provides a lot of benefits that can’t be beat.

You no longer have to open up the door to check things, which provides another pro in the fact that you can save time and efficiency by never losing too much heat because you are being forced to release it each time you want to check on things.

Easy To Use

Making a smoker easy to use is one of the larger goals that many companies have spent a great deal of time and money working on. The ability to control everything and simply set it and forget it makes it easy to use in a way that few can compete with, also making it one of the better beginner models that you are going to find.

Building everything into a single unit, including a probe for checking meat temperature, continues that aim of making things as simple as possible.


In large part, there are only two cons that you should be concerned about if you are looking at purchasing this model from Masterbuilt:

Window Can Be Hard To Clean

For some people cleaning anything is a large undertaking, but if you have this smoker and don’t want to worry about cleaning the window can pose a problem. The window isn’t cleaned quite as easily as many other parts of smokers, so if you don’t like cleaning this might become troublesome as time goes on and you use it more and more.

Low Watt Heating Element

Some people have been concerned about the low wattage of the heating element. In reality, this isn’t a huge problem for the vast majority of people, but some people who want an incredible amount of power might not prefer to have something with this kind of electricity running through it.

The Verdict:

Masterbuilt has produced some of the best smokers on the entire market, this electric smoker being no exception.

When you look at the ease of use and the simple features that make it a simple process, it is plain to see that this is one of the best options available on the market right now. There are a couple of concerns, but for the vast majority of people they are something that you shouldn’t have to worry about.

Take a good long look at this specific option if you are in the market and I am willing to bet you’ll see incredible results.

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