Helpful Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Helpful Kitchen Remodeling Tips Helpful Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Want to Remodel Your Kitchen? Here Are Some Tips to Help Things Stay on Track

Since it is one of the most-used rooms in a home and where families tend to congregate, kitchens are often an area people want to remodel sooner rather than later.

While updates to this space can be rather costly, doing renovations in the right way can also lead you to increase the value of your property.

To get the most out of a new kitchen, while at the same time being wise about how much you spend on renovating, it’s important to think clearly and strategically and follow tried and true steps.

Read on for some top kitchen remodeling tips you can follow today.

New kitchen remodel ideas

Work out Your Budget up Front

One of the first things to do to keep your project on track is determine what your total budget is for the work.

Once you start with the renovation, it’s easy for expenses to add up quickly and for you to get carried away with grander and grander ideas, so before you know it you may blow through your savings.

Avoid this situation, and reduce stress, by setting a budget and sticking with it.

If you need to get a loan from a bank or other provider to pay for the remodel, speak with them about refinancing or getting other funding up front.

Be sure about what amount you will have access to, so you don’t make your plans too big.

When setting your budget, also be careful to include all the potential costs, not just the top-of-mind ones.

For instance, there will likely be fees for things like demolition, disposal, installation, tiling, plumbing, electrical work, materials and appliances, insurances and even extras such as appliance warranty plans and finance fees.

To get your final budget amount, include every expense you can think of. This will help you to avoid having to suddenly find extra money during the remodel.

Have a Plan and Timeframe for the Project

Another way to stay in control (well, at least more-so!) is to put together a plan for your kitchen remodel.

Work out in what order different jobs need to be done – you may need to speak to contractors/builders to understand the best sequence of events – and then coordinate people carefully, so things run like clockwork as much as possible.

You likely have a certain timeframe you need the renovation completed in, especially if you don’t have any other cooking facilities while the work is in progress.

Even if this isn’t an issue, it still pays to set a timeframe for the project and communicate this to your contractors, so things don’t end up dragging on for too long.

Hire the Right Contractors

Hiring contractor for kitchen remodel

To stay on track, hire the right contractors for your needs. Research people who work in your area and who specialize in kitchen remodels.

Make a shortlist of those who are adept at the type of style you want to go for, and who have great testimonials from other clients.

Budget, of course, will be a factor to discuss with potential candidates, too.

Once you have your shortlist, interview each contractor and make your decision based on their experience, pricing, communication skills (something that’s really important), qualifications and licenses, commitment to safety and working to deadlines and more.

Find Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Lastly, think carefully about the design of your new kitchen. Try to find ways to maximize the space so that it is as functional and pleasant on the eye as possible.

Consider layout, the room’s height and space, lighting, what tasks you do most and in what order, etc.

If your current kitchen is dim, look for ways to add more windows or one or more skylights. This way you’ll have plenty of natural light, and the space will look larger, to boot.

Try to have high ceilings, wherever possible, and consider knocking down walls if you want any open plan kitchen/living/dining area but don’t currently have that.

As for where things go in your new kitchen, it pays to focus most on the busiest zones, or the “work triangle.”

This phrase refers to your sink, fridge and stove, as these are usually situated in a triangle shape in a kitchen and are the things you use most.

Make all three easily accessible and within close proximity to each other.

Also make sure you give yourself plenty of preparation areas and set-down space on either side of cooking appliances. Add in enough storage to suit your needs, too.

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