5 Kitchen Makeover Tips When Cooking is Part of Your Caregiving Duties

5 Kitchen Makeover Tips When Cooking is Part of Your Caregiving Duties 5 Kitchen Makeover Tips When Cooking is Part of Your Caregiving Duties janeskitchenmiracles.com

Caregiving for a loved one at home is perhaps the best reason for a kitchen makeover.

Not only will you need the right equipment to make quick, storable meals, but you’ll also need organized space to store ingredients in bulk. 

The following kitchen makeover tips will help you cook healthy meals and keep your loved one satisfied with a variety of delicious meals. 

1. Get an air fryer

air fryer machine

Fried foods taste delicious and everyone loves that crunchy texture. However, foods deep fried in oil are rather unhealthy. 

Air fryers are a fantastic alternative to deep fryers.

If you want to enjoy crispy food without having to slather everything you eat in oil, an air fryer will be a dream come true.

An air fryer circulates hot air around your food using convection heat.

While some people coat their food in a thin layer of oil while using an air fryer, that’s not necessary and defeats the purpose of using an air fryer.

For your safety, if you’re going to use oil in an air fryer it must be added to your food before it goes in the air fryer.

You can’t put oil in the actual fryer pan or basket.

2. Set up a dining area your loved one can enjoy with company

For caregivers, cooking is a common responsibility and might be one of your more enjoyable tasks.

Your efforts result in a tasty meal you can share with your loved one.

If you enjoy sharing meals together, it’s important to create an area for eating, even if it’s not an official dining room.

Create a designated eating area so your loved one can eat a meal with you, other family members, or friends.

If there’s enough space, set up a table in the room where your loved one spends most of their time.

If your loved one isn’t mobile, get a small card table to set up next to their bed so you and others can eat with them. 

You don’t need to get too fancy; simple decorations, a few placemats, and a beautiful centerpiece will go a long way.

3. Buy a few flats of wide mouth mason jars

empty mason jar

Mason jars are wonderful for storing food and with wide mouth mason jars, you can eat the meal right out of the jar. 

Get a few flats of wide mouth mason jars and start preparing delicious meals that will last several days in the refrigerator.

You can store just about any meal in a mason jar.

For example, this list of 26 mason jar meals includes blueberry pancakes, fruit parfaits, macaroni and cheese, noodle salads, shepherd’s pie, and desserts like banana pudding and cheesecake.

You might also want to store some meals in the freezer and with the right kind of mason jar, that will work.

Most mason jars are specifically made to go in the freezer, but make sure you read the entire label and look for a notice that says the jars are freezable.

4. Get a small collection of recipe books for the kitchen counter

Kitchens look better with a collection of recipe books out on the counter.

You don’t need to follow all the recipes to the letter, but if you’re looking for ideas, you’ll find plenty in recipe books.

There’s something special about walking into a kitchen filled with baking supplies, small appliances, and recipe books. 

5. Put a mini-refrigerator by your loved one’s bed

empty mini white fridge

Late at night, your loved one might want a snack or a cold drink.

Keep a mini-fridge by their bed and stock it with their favorite snacks like pudding, Jell-O, string cheese, or iced tea.

While they used to cost several hundred dollars, now you can get a simple mini-fridge for less than $100.

You might be there overnight, but make it easy for them to grab something without having to wake you up at 2am.

You may not mind, but your loved one will feel better knowing they don’t need to disturb you just for a snack.

Keep the creativity alive in the kitchen

It’s essential to reorganize the kitchen and decorate the dining room to accommodate new recipes, but the most important thing is keeping your meals creative and tasty.

Try new recipes and experiment with different cooking methods. When you sit down for a meal, both you and your loved one will appreciate the variety.