12 Best Kitchen Gadgets that Make Cooking (Even More) Enjoyable

Kitchen gadgets 12 Best Kitchen Gadgets that Make Cooking (Even More) Enjoyable janeskitchenmiracles.com

When it comes to cooking, every chef should have a fine arsenal of the best kitchen gadgets.

Luckily for you, there is a wide array of tools that you can incorporate into your kitchen at home, making cooking more enjoyable and producing high-quality meals.

These are 12 of the coolest kitchen gadgets, and they will turn your kitchen into what chefs dream of. Continue reading to discover them.

1. Meat Shredder

Shred your meat with this handy kitchen gadget

This tool is super convenient for anyone that would like to shred meat for salads, sandwiches, or any dish that calls for shredded meat.

These are often used to make slamming pulled pork!

2. Pineapple Slicer

Pineapple slicer kitchen tool

Pineapple slicers cut into pineapples in a downward motion while simultaneously removing the core from the fruit.

When you reach the bottom of the pineapple, you simply lift the slicer from the shell and all of your slices will have been cut.

3. Bagel Slicer

Using a bagel slicer makes your slices even while not tearing the bread or leaving a mess.

Rather than trying to cut into a bagel and potentially hurting yourself, a bagel slicer will do that for you.

4. Herb Grinder

An herb grinder does exactly what its name describes. It grinds herbs so you don’t have to spend a lot of time chopping them up.

All it takes is inserting the herbs into the capsule and then twisting it.

5. Self-Heating Butter Knife

Butter slicing ktichen gadget

Cutting and spreading butter that’s taken straight out of the fridge can be quite the pain.

A self-heating butter knife is designed to take away that stress by cutting straight through butter with ease and using heat to spread it easily.

6. Digital Food Scale

A digital scale has several advantages that a regular scale doesn’t.

It allows you to virtually change the measurement type, and the weight readings are very accurate which makes weighing food much more convenient.

7. Tablet/Phone Mount

Prop up your iPad in the kitchen

A mount enables you to place your phone or tablet upwards on a surface so that way you don’t have to hold it in your hand.

This is great for viewing recipes while cooking and ordering tasty food from a place like La Comida MTL!

8. Knife Sharpener

After a lot of use, your trusty knife will start to dull due to the wear and tear against foods of various types of hardness.

A knife sharpener will easily bring your knives back to an efficient level of slicing.

9. Automatic Soap Dispenser

When you’re handling raw beef or chicken, you don’t want to contaminate the handles of your cabinets, fridge, or sink.

An automatic soap dispenser is a cool gadget because you don’t have to touch the dispenser to receive soap!

10. Cutting Board with Slicer

This allows you to manually cut with your own knife while also taking advantage of the installed slicer.

You don’t have to worry about your knife hitting against your counter or table, and the slicer is excellent for cutting cheese.

11. Herb Scissors

Herb scissors are a cool gadget that is useful to cut herbs and vegetables the way that you want.

Rather than grinding them, you can cut them into strands which is great for salads.

12. Digital Measuring Spoon

Digital Kitchen Measuring Spoon Scale

Out of all the new kitchen gadgets, a digital measure spoon is one of the best cooking products.

It takes away the hassle of having to use several spoons for measurements by giving you weight and several measurement options.

Improve Your Cooking with These Best Kitchen Gadgets

There are many ways to make cooking more efficient and enjoyable, and these are by far the best kitchen gadgets to take your cooking to another level.

All of these are very affordable as well, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

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