Ready for an Upgrade? 4 Tips that Will Revamp Your Kitchen Design

Ready for an Upgrade? 4 Tips that Will Revamp Your Kitchen Design Ready for an Upgrade? 4 Tips that Will Revamp Your Kitchen Design

Whether you’re looking to cook up the best meals or baking treats for the kids, the best way to do so is by having optimal kitchen space.

According to a recent study by Houzz, 79% of homeowners are planning to upgrade their homes after the pandemic. After all, a great kitchen space should provide you enough area and access to reach for the utensils and appliances you need. So, for more conducive and productive cooking, here’s how you can revamp your kitchen with these modern designs.

Functional and easy-to-clean countertops

For countertops, you may want to build something pleasant to the eyes and also practical. It is also not unusual to create a big mess when cooking. Granite countertops may be harder to clean, so you may want to consider a remodel. According to Mangum, steel materials work best for those who favor open spaces and sustainable designs.

Steel countertops may be ideal since they are resistant to bacteria, stains, and heat. After all, its growing popularity can also be attributed to its durability.

Revamp aesthetics with warm wood finishes

If you’re opting for a bright and clean aesthetic for your kitchen, you can also try out wood designs in your cabinets. There are many varieties if you’re considering a wood facade for your kitchen. If you’re going for a lighter, rustic look, then an ash wood kitchen look is a perfect choice. Also, oak and walnut kitchen cabinets have that classic look with its darker shade.

Utilize space with double islands

Maximize your cooking area as you revamp your kitchen with double islands. Double islands can help you maintain your pace and can allow room for easy navigation. This design is perfect for your kitchen, especially if you often hustle while cooking. And if you have a pair or two helping hands to aid you in your cooking, this kitchen setup can be utilized well.

Upgrade with the latest kitchen technologies

For a modern, smart kitchen, adding new technology in the kitchen can also help cooks come up with a dish faster and conveniently. Upgrade your kitchen by installing advanced cooking technologies, such as the smart oven, countertops, and appliances. These new kitchen implements can help you make your life easier, especially if you’re busy and always on the run.

In addition to revamping your kitchen design, keep your spices and stashes of dry food in functional spaces to achieve that sleek style. If you’re a fan of the minimalist look, you can also try out simple and clean-looking cabinets.