Pro Tips to Keeping a Clean and Tidy Kitchen

Pro Tips to Keeping a Clean and Tidy Kitchen Pro Tips to Keeping a Clean and Tidy Kitchen

Upon further inspection, it’s fair to say that your kitchen acts as ground zero for your family’s health and well-being. I

f your eating area is clean, you can minimize the risk of exposure to bacteria and annoying pests. If your kitchen isn’t clean and mindfully organized, there might be trouble brewing underneath your kitchen surfaces.

Thankfully, reputable pest control providers like Moxie Pest Control, an exterminator that offers pest control in Salt Lake City, can help you eliminate those annoying home invaders known to contaminate food sources and transmit diseases to your unsuspecting loved ones.

Unlike harsh store-bought pesticides sprayed aimlessly, these professional-grade insecticides can combat the effects of disease-ridden insects and rodents while ensuring your family is safe from contamination and accidental ingestion.

Because a clean kitchen can lower stress, promote food safety, and enhance your dinner parties, you’ll want to follow these six useful tips from the kitchen cleaning pros.

Don’t settle for a dingy kitchen area with sticky countertops and crumbs embedded in your grout.

Methodically clean your kitchen and benefit from these sparkling countertops and smudge-free refrigerators.


Remove the clutter

Take a second look at your kitchen countertops. If you spot unnecessary containers, appliances, and utensils cluttering your kitchen surfaces, it’s no wonder you’re struggling to maintain a spotless kitchen.

To achieve a clutter-free kitchen, scrub your kitchen countertops and store the appliances you don’t regularly use in your cabinets.

You’ll not only enhance the appearance of your kitchen spaces, but you’ll maximize the countertop space available in your home.

Don’t waste a single square inch you could otherwise utilize for food preparation purposes. Opt for a minimalist look, and take advantage of your existing cabinet space.

Keep the dishwasher empty

If you depend on your dishwasher to keep your utensils, pots, pans, and tableware clean, the dishwasher itself should be clean.

After all, mildew in a new dishwasher defeats the purpose of a high-powered dishwasher.

After every dishwashing cycle, you should put the dishes away, and check the dishwasher’s disposal grate for loose food remnants and debris.

Additionally, you should clean the inside of the dishwasher at least once a week with a baking soda rinse.

Utilize trash cans and recycling bins

Utilize trash cans and recycling bins

You don’t want to get in the habit of leaving garbage lying around your kitchen countertops. All waste should immediately go in the trash.

At night, transport your trash bags outside into collection cans to prevent pest infestations.

While disposing of loose trash is critical, it’s equally essential to recycle whenever possible.

Whether you reuse plastic food containers or toss them into a recycling bin, an eco-friendly cleaning strategy will benefit your immediate household and the environment alike.

Remove stains

If you start each day with a clean kitchen, there’s very little chance you’re going to miss everyday spills that can stain your appliances and countertops.

The best way to prevent staining is to wipe away spills the second you notice them. Neglecting these seemingly innocent drink or condiment spills could negatively impact your home’s retail value due to granite countertop discoloration.

Keep the sink area clean

It’s easy to use your sink as a dumping ground for garbage and dirty dishes. If you allow that to happen, you might create a magnet for pests and bacteria.

To avoid infestation, you’ll need to keep the sink clear and wipe it down after every meal. During your everyday cleaning rituals, don’t forget about cleaning the garbage disposal to ensure a high degree of cleanliness.

Clean as you go

The next time you’re cooking a big meal, pay attention to how much downtime you have while waiting for a dish to finish.

These moments of downtime are opportunities to clean as you go. By the time the meal is ready, you can join the family without the added stress of cleaning responsibilities awaiting you.

When you return to the kitchen with dirty dishes in hand, all you’ll need to do is rinse off this eating ware and wipe down the counters.

No one wants to deep-clean their kitchen spaces on a full stomach.

With a clean-as-you-go strategy in place, you can retire to the couch after a home-cooked meal and still enjoy the benefits of sparkling kitchen counters and appliances.

Final thoughts

Neglecting your kitchen space may expose your home’s residents to harmful bacteria. Promote the health and wellness of your loved ones by sanitizing kitchen surfaces, disposing of food waste, and taking out pest-attracting trash bags on a nightly basis.

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