Juicing and Detox

Juicing and Detox Juicing and Detox janeskitchenmiracles.com

Juicing is by far one of the most easiest and modern ways to ingest fruit and vegetables to get as many nutrients as possible. To make a juice out of something you usually use a juicing machine or a blender that allows you to separate the pulp from the liquid parts of the fruit. When doing this, the process of absorption of micronutrients is boosted as the nutrients are separated from the fiver which may difficult nutrient absorption these machines are designed to separate the juice from the pulp spinning the mix in an especial way that separates the solids from the liquid. Even though it is important to say that fiber is an essential thing that must be included in our diets for improving the digestive functions.

Detoxing by the other hand, are a series of diets that allow you to remove toxins from your body by only drinking juices. There are several ways of detoxing such as fasting, detoxing and cleansing. All of them are different methods to allow your body to release all those toxins that get in to our body.


Fasting’s are a method of dieting to detox your body when you restrain from food for small periods of time, some of the most popular and fasting methods require you to stop eating for twelve hours to allow your body to eliminate toxins without getting any more to your body. These toxins are derived from Tran’s fats, processed ingredients and junk food primary.

Detoxing. Most of the detox dietary plans include diets free of certain meals such as carbs, fats and even red meats. These plans also include juice cleansing periods where you are only allowed to drink juices high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. Water and drinking tea are also allowed in juice cleansings as they feature no calories or toxins to your body.

Instead, juicing is a just a method for adding to your diet the benefits of the minerals, vitamins and micronutrients contained in your fruits and vegetables in a fast and more effective way.

What you should know about juice detoxing


It is very important to know that these methods of detoxing and cleansing your body should not be sustained for long periods of time as your body needs more than just juices. A healthy and balanced diet is recommended while you are not on extract regimes. Ours bodies need more than these micro nutrients, we also need proteins, carbs and fats to have a healthy life.

Another important thing about juices and detoxing’s is that our bodies naturally do it, why do you think we have liver and kidneys for? Those are the organs dedicated to filtering and cleaning our blood. Juicing can make this process much faster and will undoubtedly help you eliminate these toxins in a much faster pace.

Obviously, detoxing methods based on juices are prone to help you lose some weight, you are absorbing tons of essential nutrients that your body needs while at the same time reducing calorie intake. You’ll start feeling more energetic and will be definitively losing some weight.

Is juicing a real way to detox and cleanse your body?


For many years there has been some controversy about if juicing and cleansing methods are really doing any good for us. Detractors have always said that you lose nutrients when you remove the pulp from the juice and it is true, there will be always some nutrients left on the pulp of the fruit such as fiber or magnesium. But the truth is that many fruits and veggies have soluble fibers which aren’t removed in the process of juicing and magnesium is also carried with this soluble fibers.

Others say that ingesting too much fruit juices can spike up your sugar levels and make you more prone to diabetes. All of these things are true to some point, the idea of a juice based regime is make your diet as balanced as possible.

There are a huge amount of recipes available online that can help you create a balanced plan for a cleansing regime. You can even find full recipe lists ready to be prepared and that will help you give your body the right amount of nutrients of each kind it need to be able to work properly.

Many doctors say that detoxing isn’t necessary as our body actually do it with organs like lungs, skin, liver and kidneys. That’s also true our bodies already cleanses itself from toxins but helping it with good habits make the work for our organs lighter and help us live healthier and longer lives.

Thankfully to science every day are more the studies that prove the benefits of including juices in our regular diets. Carrot juice can help smoker patients with blood cell damage.

Some tips to do a good juice detox/cleansing


  • Drink it fresh. Fruits and vegetables start losing nutrients the moment they are exposed to oxygen do to the oxidation process that occurs on the cells.
  • Not try to live only on juice: people can’t live alone on juicing it is best if you do short terms periods of cleansing or if include the juices in your regular diet to ensure maximum balance on the nutrients you are ingesting.
  • Use the pulp: You don’t need to throw away the pulp of the fruit, the fact is that it still contains lots of nutrients that can be taken advantage on other kind of recipes or you can add them to your natural compost to give back all those nutrients to the plants in your house.
  • Choose high quality products: try to buy on seasons and store or get to know your local farmers, this way you ensure yourself you’ll always have the freshest vegetables and save a lot of money on the process.