Check Out these 5 Delicious Instant Pot Desserts that You can Create in Minutes

Check Out these 5 Delicious Instant Pot Desserts that You can Create in Minutes Check Out these 5 Delicious Instant Pot Desserts that You can Create in Minutes

Cooking is great fun, and there are hundreds upon hundreds of different recipes that you can try out each day.

You can cook in so many different ways including grilling, boiling, roasting and sautéing.

The options are endless and the only limits are your imagination.

Cooking is about being inventive and creating, using the ingredients that you have available at that moment in time, and combining them to create something delicious and unique.

However, cooking does have a few downsides, with one of them being the time needed to prepare your meals.

Some dishes may take several hours simply to prepare, and then you’ll need another couple of hours for them to cook.

For most people, they simply do not have the luxury of so much time.

However, with an Instant Pot, not only are you combining several types of cooker into one piece of equipment, the time needed to cook is reduced dramatically.

instant pot

Instant Pots have changed the kitchens of people all over the world for the better.

They have cut down the time needed to make tasty and healthy food, as well as leaving more space in the kitchen and reducing the amount of washing up you need to do once you’ve finished cooking.

Using your Instant Pot for Desserts

As well as being used to prepare everything from vegetables, soups, pasta, meats, and much more, your Instant Pot is also ideal for whipping up an array of delicious desserts.

It is such a versatile piece of kitchenware, that there probably isn’t another item like it which you can use for cooking chicken, and then after a quick rinse, use to prepare some delicious after dinner desserts.

Here you will find a selection of popular desserts that you can get ready in next to no time with your Instant Pot.

Chocolate Cheesecakes

Cheesecake is one of the best loved desserts and there are so many wonderful and delicious variations that you can enjoy.

You can make cheesecakes with strawberry, lemon meringue, peanut butter and raspberries.

There are so many tasty options to choose from.

But did you know that you could make your own cheesecake using your Instant Pot?

Probably not, but that is one of the many benefits of having an Instant Pot at home – it provides you with the opportunity to use it to make so many different types of foods.

Chocolate Cheesecake is simply delicious and making your own is very easy.

And the great thing about making your own is that you can use the type of chocolate you prefer.

You could even mix it up and have a combination of white and dark chocolate, and with the Instant Pot doing all the work, you can just sit back and relax.


Donuts are brilliant.

They are small, sweet and come in so many different styles and flavours.

From donuts filled with jam or chocolate, to one with a hole in the middle, donuts are very easy to make and you can decorate and fill them anyway you wish.

Once you’ve mixed your ingredients, you will need to put it into a silicone cooking tray, which you should be able to pick up in most stores or supermarkets.

Fill these up, pop them inside the Instant Pot and then let it do it’s magic.

It won’t take long before the donuts are ready and then the real fun begins when it comes to decorating them.

You can use melted chocolate, icing or fresh whipped cream.

The possibilities are endless – just go with your imagination and see what you can come up with.

Stuffed Peaches


During the hot summer months, there’s nothing quite like some fresh fruit to give you a bit of a kick and tingle your taste buds.

The classic summer fruits include watermelon, peaches and apricots, and though these are delicious and full of goodness, then can start to get a little boring after a while.

Why not pull out your Instant Pot and start preparing some delicious creations with the fruit that you love.

One popular recipe is for stuffed peaches, which can be quickly made.

They are very easy to prepare and you can fill them with whatever stuff you prefer, such as ice cream, cinnamon cobbler or anything else.

There are lots of possibilities for flavors with this, and they made a great snack during the day, as well as an impressive dessert.

Banana Bread

This all-time favorite is a popular dessert and is another dish that you can easily and quickly make with your Instant Pot.

As well as being a perfect dessert, it is also great for something tasty in the morning to start your day.

The ingredients are ones that you are bound to have around the house, and with the addition of bananas, you can get your banana bread cooking quicker than you’d imagine possible.

When it’s ready you can serve it by itself, or top it off with a spot of fresh cream or a couple scoops of your favorite ice cream.

Cinnamon Apples

Another fruity dessert that can be prepared very quickly with your Instant Pot are cinnamon apples.

This sweet and tasty dish is super easy to create and you can be enjoying a warm plateful in no time at all.

In addition to the apples, you could also add some raisins, currants or other fruits that you enjoy.

The recipe is very simple and can easily be modified to include some of the other tastes and flavors that you love, if you’re looking to make Cinnamon rolls check out this Instant Pot recipe. Preparing desserts at home has never been easier than it is with an Instant Pot.

It provides you with an easy and very quick way to knock up something delicious for after your meal.

Whether you want something with lots of chocolate or a variety of fresh fruit, your desserts will be something tasty, unique and with a touch of your own magic.