Get Your Kitchen into the 21st Century

improve your kitchen with these updates Get Your Kitchen into the 21st Century

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and 80% of Americans agree with this sentiment. A survey of homeowners also states that 69% would have spent more on new appliances.

For many, a kitchen remodel tops their list in terms of home improvements, and the fact that it receives the bulk of its traffic throughout the day says that it’s well-deserving of this investment.

But that does not mean it has to cost a small fortune or take a monster effort to swap out those builder’s grade finishes.

Granite Is Great, But There Are Other Options

While granite shouldn’t be left off the list, thanks to off-cuts and odd sizes at builders yards, there are other alternatives that bring a whole new dimension to the kitchen.

For instance, a simple way to bring warmth into a previously clinical kitchen is to add some wood. A butcher block-style countertop has an incredible visual effect while still being affordable.

It also happens to age well, and a little wear and tear adds bucket loads of character.

Another favorite for remodelers who want to keep it fresh, yet under budget, is concrete. A smooth finish ensures years of use with minimal upkeep and cost.

With both wood and concrete you have your choice of special colors. A variety of finishes are available for wood, and many custom tints can be added to concrete counter slabs.

You May Want to Spend a Bit on Appliances

Wi-Fi plus oven equals a match made in food heaven! The Wi-Fi enabled oven that adjusts its temperature according to the given temperature is just the beginning of reasons to empty out the renovations savings, top up that personal loan, and get the kitchen remodeled.

But all the fun doesn’t end with the Wi-Fi oven as the 3D printer for the kitchen creates dough shapes from butterflies to panda bears for the perfect pancake or cookie.

High tech indoor gardens also seem to feature on the appliance lists, right next to the fridge camera that makes the shopping list obsolete.

Instant Pick-Me-Ups

There are three quick fixes in the kitchen that can be done over the weekend and won’t require much measuring or labor skills to perform.

The first is a fresh lick of paint on the walls and perhaps even the cabinetry. This instantly brightens up the room and makes it seem a little more expensive.

You can do this yourself or hire a professional painting company like Sydney house painting service to do the job well and make your life much easier.

The second is changing the door knobs and handles on the cabinetry to give the kitchen a quick little face-lift. Finally, changing the lampshades and light fittings may need some professional help, but won’t take long to do at all.

By updating the light fittings, it immediately makes the kitchen appear to be recently remodeled.

Whether a kitchen remodel is done on a budget or no expenses spared, it immediately adds value to a home if done right. Sometimes the simplest change can have the biggest effect.