Kitchen Heaters and Other Tips: How to Make a Tiny Kitchen Work

Kitchen Heaters and Other Tips: How to Make a Tiny Kitchen Work Kitchen Heaters and Other Tips: How to Make a Tiny Kitchen Work

When most cooks think of their ideal cooking space, they picture a large room with plenty of counters and lots of cabinet space.

They want plenty of room to move around without having to worry about running out of storage space.

Unfortunately for some people, a large kitchen space isn’t a reality.

They have to figure out how to organize a tiny kitchen space to meet all of their needs.

Some cooks actually prefer a smaller space because they have to think carefully about what supplies they need, which makes their kitchen less cluttered.

If you find yourself with a tiny kitchen, you’re going to have to get really creative with how you’re using your square footage.

Here are some tips that will help you make the most of the space you have.

Add storage to the sides, bottoms, and doors of your cabinets

hang up mugs

If you’re only using the shelves of your cabinets, you’re losing out on valuable storage spaces.

If the sides of your cabinets are visible, you can invest in hanging racks that allow you to store cooking utensils.

Some people even add hooks to the bottom of their cabinets and hang up their mugs.

If you would prefer to not visibly clutter up your kitchen, an alternative is hanging a piece of corkboard on the inside of your cabinets.

You can use hooks to hang up small cooking utensils, such as measuring cups.

You can also use pins to hang up recipes or grocery lists.

Use your walls

If you’re running out of cabinet storage, considering creating additional storage with open-face shelves on your walls.

Not only can open-faced shelves give you extra space to store your dishes, but they also give you extra space for small decorative objects, such as a plant.

If you don’t have room for shelves, another alternative is installing a pegboard.

Pegboards are great when you have extra wall space between your cabinets and kitchen counters.

You can use hooks on the pegboard to hang pots and cooking accessories.

Make awkward corner spaces accessible 

corner cabinets

Base corner cabinets add extra storage space to your kitchen, but the space can be awkward to organize.

Some homeowners install a Lazy Susan cabinet, which comes with two trays that spin so that you can reach all of the contents contained within the cabinet.

Lazy Susans can be used to store pots, organize spices, or add extra pantry space.

If you dislike the spinning feature of a Lazy Susan, an alternative is installing custom-made corner drawers.

Get rid of the radiator

If your kitchen is large enough to heat, you might be using a traditional heating method, such as a radiator.

The problem with radiators is that they take up valuable space where you could add extra cabinets or shelving.

If you’re looking for kitchen heaters that take up less space, consider a plinth heater.

Plinth heaters are compact enough that they discreetly slide right into one of your cabinet spaces or under a cupboard.

Some models also have a cooling feature and an air circulation feature.

Another great benefit of plinth heaters is that they’re energy-efficient.

They don’t run through your central heating unit and can be turned off when you’re not in your kitchen.

Invest in a small rolling cart

If you have a gap between your refrigerator and cabinets, you might think that is wasted space where you can’t store anything.

However, that space could be an area where you could use a slim storage rolling cart.

These carts come in a variety of sizes. Some of the smallest carts aren’t good for storing pots and pans, but they are a great place to store spices or small cooking accessories.

Use the space above your cabinets

space above your cabinets

If your cabinets don’t go all the way to your ceiling, utilize that gap for additional storage.

While you probably don’t want to store dishes that you use all the time up there, it is a great space to store cookbooks, wine, decorative pieces, or large pots that you only use on occasion.

Alternatively, you can also use that space to store baskets.

The baskets can then be used to store items and can easily be pulled down when you need them.

Final thoughts

Don’t be discouraged by a tiny kitchen. Get creative with your storage and free your counters from clutter.

With enough creativity, you’ll turn your small space into a place that is comfortable to cook in.

Simple changes can help you maximize your space and make your kitchen seem bigger than it is.