How to deep fry safely?

How to deep fry safely? How to deep fry safely?

We are human beings who love tasty food. Don’t ever believe people exclaiming that they don’t need food or don’t feel hunger for days. Any healthy and working mechanism like our organism is, requires fuel. We cannot get anywhere without this fuel, so you should feed your organism to have enough fuel to move forward. On the other hand, you should not watch food as something to chew and move on.

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People have spent millions of dollars to make movies about cooking. A huge pile of books and brochures are published on daily basis related to food and you still think that food is not important. I am not afraid to say this, but you are totally mistaken. You should enjoy whatever you do; even cooking is a pleasant process. You should put your soul in the dish you prepare to receive splendid taste and smell.

I won’t be the first one to say that food is an art, as the cook mixes various ingredients to get a special dish pleasing the palate of any gourmand. It is the same as the painter mixes colors to receive a painting nourishing the spiritual hunger of the audience. People love food in various forms and shapes, but we all love fried food regardless age, gender, political views, social position and religion.

It will be difficult to find someone who is not a fan of deep fried food. It is delicious, not oily and has a special taste. But before rushing to speak about the magic of deep frying, let’s see what it stands for. The reason is that people often misunderstand deep fried food with fast food and get a wrong idea about this tasty thing.

Generally deep frying or as people also call deep fat frying is a method when the cook submerges the food in hot oil. For similar purposes people usually use a deep fryer or a chip pan.  You may also do deep frying in a pot with heated oil. This method of cooking is specified as hot-fat cooking. It goes without saying that due to deep frying food gets ready instantly, as all sides are cooked simultaneously thanks to the high rate of heated oil conduction.

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The term “deep frying” came into usage during the 19th century referring to the process of food making widespread worldwide in these days. However people have deep fried food for millennia. The pioneers of deep frying were the European and Arabian cuisines, later other countries adopted the cooking method.

Recently deep frying has become so popular regardless the large portion of calories consumed by people so often. Many cultures have developed around deep frying and it should be mentioned that in the Southern Unites States events are held dedicated to deep frying food and non-edible items. It is important to know that deep frying is a form of dry-heat cooking. People imagine something oily and not tasty, but it is a result of wrong imagination or wrong information.

It is not a coincidence that many cooks are afraid of deep frying as it always has the risk of getting third degree burns and a soggy chicken. All in all, the process requires a large pot full of hot oil, which is ready to dole out at will. Nevertheless, you cannot make your appetite silent; nobody will refuse to taste the pleasure of biting a piece of splendidly crispy fried chicken. That is why it is of utmost importance to monitor the temperature of the oil and follow a few simple guidelines to avoid burns and deep fry safely and easily.

Fried doesn’t certainly mean oily

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It is ridiculous even to mention but many people think that frying food adds extra fat in it. Hopefully it is far from being a reality. A recent experiment by cooks proved that a chicken cooked with three cups of oil gave almost three cups of oil after being ready. It means that no extra oil was absorbed by the chicken. It was cooked thanks to the water in it, which boiled, evaporated and kept oil from seeping in. Thus, as a result you will not receive greasy or soggy chicken.

Choice of oil

Before starting deep frying there is a crucial choice to do; choosing the relevant oil. In general, there is nothing better for a deep fryer than neutral oil. It preserves its flavor on whatever you pour it. Nonetheless, certain masters of frying give the priority to the peanut oil. Another perfect option is the canola oil, but you can also use olive oil.

Surround yourself with proper tools

In case you want to be successful in the kitchen, you should be surrounded with the relevant items to make the frying easier. First of all, you should choose the pot or pan you are going to deep fry in. However, in order the process of deep frying passed without serious injuries and the result was satisfying, I would use a deep-fryer. Another useful item in this regard is the thermometer. You should keep the correct temperature of oil to receive crispy chicken and French fries.

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If you don’t have a thermometer, it isn’t a problem at all. You can check the readiness of oil by inserting a wooden spoon in it. If the oil is ready then it will bubble around the wooden stick.

Right temperature will save the situation

Another important factor while frying is the oil temperature. You should remember that adding food in the hot oil immediately drops its temperature. To receive golden, crispy and non-soggy results you must preheat the oil between 325-375 degrees.

Besides, it is recommended to fry in small batches to have crispy food. Especially frozen food should be taken into account, as it quickly drops the oil temperature.

Please, don’t forget to drain the fried food with a paper towel. It will absorb the extra oil and you will have delicious food after seasoning it.

Let us remind you that you had better remove the pan or the fryer from the heat when it starts smoking. You may lose your delicious dinner because of bad flavor imparted from burnt oil.

Gloves and a bamboo strainer will do the job

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The fear of hot oil splashed all over your kitchen and yourself is a major deterrent to deep frying. A few tips up your sleeve and kitchen gloves will keep your skin intact and will maximize the distance between you and the hot oil. You will avoid much disturbance if you drop the food immediately to the surface of the oil, as throwing the food from a big distance will increase the chances of splashing it all over your skin. However, you can use a bamboo strainer or a slotted spoon.

Use the oil in a smart way

There is absolutely no need to pour the hot oil in the sink. You had better save your oil bottle and pour the used oil in it when it’s already cool. After that you can seal it tightly then throw in the trash.

Besides, you can reuse the oil after the first usage, but you should make sure there are no lingering pieces of food in it. The oil won’t smell stale or fishy, if you keep it in a dark and cold place.

It is not a secret that clever deep frying is an art. Only master cooks can do the job well without getting burns and getting crispy food. Anyway, irrelevant to you professionalism, you can deep fry as well in your kitchen. For that reason, there are a few simple but significant factors to take into consideration for a safe deep frying. They are as follows:

  • It goes without saying that you should use protective clothing while deep frying. It is recommended to wear a uniform (restaurants, cafes) or tight-fitting kitchen clothes to avoid third degree burns. Moreover, it is advisable to wear personal protective equipments like oven mitts and arm protectors. The adventurers trying to show master class in the kitchen without these weapons are not welcomed.
  • Don’t use alcohol if you have intended to deep fry something. We don’t want firework for the dinner.
  • Fill the pan or fryer with oil no more than one-third of it. If you exceed this level of oil, you cannot control the bubbles of hot oil splashing all around.
  • Don’t forget about the fryer, especially when the heat is turned on after pouring oil in it. You may go out for a minutes and completely forget about the pot full of oil. It goes without saying that the entrance of kids is strictly forbidden.
  • When the oil starts smoking off, don’t continue deep frying
  • Dry any food before putting it in the hot oil to avoid splashing. A little drop of water will put an end to your romantic dinner. Hot oil and water are old enemies.
  • Use a thermometer to test the temperature of the oil. Before using it, make sure it works properly. The correct temperature will guarantee well-fried food. Otherwise overheating your oil will spoil the taste of your food. If you lack thermometer, check the readiness of oil by placing a small piece of bread in it. In case the bread crisps immediately, then your oil is ready.
  • After finishing frying switch off the heat and let the oil cool to prevent your kitchen from catching fire.
  • You can filter the oil after deep frying, but making sure it is cool or less than 60ºC. Furthermore, you must be sure that the filters and equipment work well.
  • It is recommended to keep flammable or combustible materials way from the deep fryer.
  • Place the deep-fryer away from a sink or a place where water is frequently in usage. Even a drop of water is able to turn your kitchen a battlefield. Let’s be careful and just enjoy the evening family dinner. Hospital walls are not pleasant to anyone.
  • If anyway, after all the above mentioned points you have witnessed or caused an emergency situation, then you should turn off the source of electricity.


To sum up, we should say that there is no such a thing as deep fried food. All people loving to eat tasty will definitely agree with me, that there is nothing more delicious than fried food. Therefore, anyone should obtain a deep fryer to enjoy its advantages. You can easily use it in your kitchen by following the above mentioned safety steps or the rules mentioned in the brochure of the deep-fryer.

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The safety rules we discussed are enough to keep you away from any sort of burns and other unpleasant situations. You just need to be careful and never let two old enemies; hot oil and water meet again. Their meeting will create a real firework in your kitchen.

Please, please, please, use oven mitts and kitchen clothing if you are a beginner and regradless of it. Nobody is protected from getting burnt. Be attentive and don’t allow the oil to smoke off, as the unpleasant smell will spoil your food. In case, anyway, you fail to do it, turn off the heat and let the oil cool down.

Deep frying is a pleasant process, if you know how to make a fiesta out of it. You have tasty food and good mood, there is nothing more you need for a perfect life, isn’t it?

Thus, put on your gloves and start preparing the favorite deep fried food for your family. They will certainly appreciate our efforts and your dinner will be remembered long enough.

Obtain a deep-fryer if you don’t have one and start experimenting, mixing tastes and colors. You will definitely like this equipment and it will be an expected member in your cozy kitchen.

Many people will assert that it is possible to deep fry without a deep-fryer, but you know that you cannot make omelet without eggs.

Don’t hesitate otherwise you will lose your chance of tasty dinner. Buy a deep-fryer and let our dinner blows because of colors and various tastes.