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The novel, and later the film, The Great Gatsby is set in the 1920s, also called the Jazz Age. The main character Jay Gatsby is known for throwing lavish parties at his mansion. They’re always flashy, over the top, glitzy and full of loud, celebratory guests. The alcohol at these parties definitely flowed freely.

Whatever space you have and love to host parties or get-togethers, having a home that’s great for entertaining like Gatsby’s can be possible.

Let’s look at some tips that can help you channel the tone of this famous story and incorporate it into the décor of your home.

A Freestanding Fireplace

A freestanding fireplace is an essential item to think about for your Jazz Age décor. An elegant looking freestanding fireplace not only adds to the theme of the room but also contributes warmth and coziness.

What is a party without quality conversations and presence? The real goal of any gathering is intimacy – and a soothing fireplace can help you win the day.

It is definitely an excellent element that invites socialization and ambiance, whether it’s a dinner party or an intimate at-home date night.

Moreover, it gives a sense of flow to other interior decors you have put all together. Follow this link to see great choices for your freestanding fireplace: https://bestelectricfireplace.review/free-standing-heaters/

Shimmery Gold Curtains

When you want to decorate in celebration of The Great Gatsby, shimmery gold curtains are perfect to use as window coverings. You may want to go with a deep gold with shimmery details or a lighter gold, depending on the carpet or the furniture in the room.

To put another bit of flair into the picture, choose some elegant gold tiebacks with tassels to secure your curtains. This is a small detail, but it enhances the look of your Gatsby themed curtains even more!

Sometimes it’s details like these that can draw a visitor’s eyes around your newly decorated room.

Wall Art Celebrating the Jazz Age

Another tip for channeling The Great Gatsby in your décor is to hang up some Jazz Age wall art. You have a lot of choices here. Wall art featuring 1920s flappers with bob haircuts and glimmering headbands would be a great addition to the room.

Another suggestion is to decorate your walls with posters of cars from the 1920s such as the Rolls Royce Phantom limousine or the Packard Twin 6 Roadster.

Framed magazine covers from the Jazz Age and art prints featuring scenes from fancy parties in the 1920s are other creative ideas.

A Bar Cart


If you don’t have a full-sized bar in the room, you can get a bar cart. A bar cart with a gold exterior, glass shelves and wheels is an ideal choice.

Be sure to look for some fancy decanters and bottles to occupy your cart. If you don’t drink, you could find some (empty) old, classic bottles with lots of gold trim and ornate designs on the label.

Whether you drink or not, your bar cart and its arrangement of bottles can play an important role in making your Gatsby décor complete.

Plush Furnishings

The Jazz era was all about indulgence and comfort. Choose some furnishings for the room that are plush and covered in soft fabric. A navy-blue sofa with two or three cushions you can sink into when you sit is one favorable idea.

A couple of wingback chairs with upholstery in white and blue stripes paired with legs made of rich, dark wood would be appealing.

A loveseat upholstered in shimmery silver or gold fabric would be another excellent selection for your décor.

When it comes to lamps for your room, consider some with ornate details.

For instance, a shiny, brass-based table lamp paired with a dusty pink hue and crystals hanging from its border would be a wonderful addition. Or go with a floor lamp featuring a curvy silver base and a bright red shade.

Gold and Silver Accessories in the Décor

Putting gold and silver accessories into the décor of the room can really put the finishing touch on your Gatsby theme.

Pillows with gold or silver fabric and tassels around the edges can enhance the décor. Try to get throw pillows in different sizes to add interest to the space. Put them on your sofa, chairs and even your loveseat.

Vases filled with showy artificial flowers are great accessories for the room. Imagine an elegant silver vase with a spray of artificial silver dollar coin flowers arranged inside it. This would be a meaningful and attractive item in your room’s décor.

Other accessories to consider include fancy jewelry boxes, a sterling silver clock, gold toggle switch plates and elegant bowls full of floating flowers.

Lastly, whether you use one of these ideas or all of them, they can certainly contribute a Gatsby tone to your décor. Sometimes it’s best to start with a few items and build on what you have to create an ever-changing room that celebrates the essence of The Great Gatsby’s party any time of the year – even in the last-minute.