Top 10 Health Boosting Teas

Top 10 Health Boosting Teas Top 10 Health Boosting Teas

Medicinal teas are some of the most refreshing forms of beverages that also deposit numerous health benefits into your body. However, it is only in the recent years that many folks are waking to realize and embrace the benefits of herbal teas.

In this article, I am going to share with you the top 10 teas that are full of health benefits. We are going to take a comprehensive examination of these teas and hence you need to remain hooked to this post until the end.

Rose Tea


To start us off, we are going to look at rose tea. This tea is one of the oldest flavoring teas. It is made by mixing freshly cut roses and tea buds. It is rich in medicinal value, and some of the health benefits it has in the body are: detoxification; fighting infections; facilitation of weight loss; prevention of constipation and; making the skin more beautiful and supple.


Chamomile is another highly medicinal tea. It is a highly effective solution that you can use to calm yourself down and achieve better sleep if you are struggling with insomnia. In addition, you can use it as a natural way of relieving stress and achieving relaxation. Other medical conditions that the tea addresses are bronchitis, fever, and colds.

Porangaba tea


Third on our list is porangaba tea. This kind of tea grows in South America, and it bears coffee-like beans. It is one of Brazils’ favorite beverages, and it contains potassium, allantoic acid, and allantoin. Some of the benefits of this tea include its ability to reduce food cravings, the reduction of fatty deposits and cellulite, and facilitation of weight loss. You can take a single tea bag every half an hour before you have your meals.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is another highly medicinal tea in the market. You can either take it in its chilled form or hot. The tea has many health benefits, and some of them are as follows: first, you can use it to get relief for abdominal gas; it stops muscle pains; it deals with bloating; it relieves nausea; it burns calories; and speeds up digestion.

If you want to prepare the tea, you need to take a tablespoon of dried fresh tea leaves. You will then add the tea to boiling water and then let it steep for some four to five minutes. Afterward, you can strain and serve it the best way you prefer.

White tea


White tea comes from young and fresh leaves and buds. It is one of the favorite types of tea that can cut down on the amount of exposure to fluoride. The tea is also a powerful weapon in fighting off different disease-causing germs in the body and in this particular function it is ranked higher than all the other herbal teas. Some of the germs that it fights off are bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Aside from offering protection against harmful germs, the tea curbs the generating of new fat cells while at the same time stimulating fat-burning processes. Studies have indicated that white tea can also help in the maintenance of a healthy and glowing skin because of its ability to maintain collagen and elastin in the skin.

Green tea

Green tea is one of the most popular kinds of medicinal tea. In fact, the list of herbal teas is not complete without green tea. It is enriched with capabilities that facilitate the body’s metabolic processes, and by so doing, it helps to speed up weight losing in people’s bodies.According to studies, it can help you to burn up to 70 calories per day.

Additionally, numerous clinical tests have established that green tea can lower blood sugar to a significant level. The tea is also capable of facilitating oxidation in the body, and it ensures that you don’t suffer from toxins that can raise your risk of developing cancer.

Valerian tea


Valerian is another favorite type of tea, and it has many health benefits. It is an effective source of relief to some of the most chronic problems that are disturbing this generation, and in particular, stress and its twin sister called insomnia. The tea is also a good solution for gastric and intestinal complications, neurological disorders, and seizures.

Dandelion tea

Dandelion is another ancient and favorite type of tea, and people from across the world have used it for many centuries. The tea is full of medicinal value, and that is why people from different cultures have retained it in their lifestyles.

The tea is famous for its ability to enhance the functioning of the liver, improving digestion, and removal of kidney stones. In addition, it has active ingredients that facilitate processes such as detoxification and weight reduction.

Feiyan tea


This beverage comes from herbs that are rich in components which are known to stop fat from accumulating in the body and hence contributing towards weight loss. In addition, the tea fights off weight due to its ability to cut down your craving for food and especially, junk foods.

If you develop a culture of taking feiyan tea, you can benefit from other things such as improved metabolic processes, detoxification, and elimination of bloating. Additionally, it enjoys a high reputation of safety in that it has no known side effects due to its lack of chemical additives.

 Oolong Tea

Last but not least on our list is the famous oolong tea. This tea has many health benefits, and I think it is unfair to complete this list without it. First of all, it is very useful in dealing with digestive challenges because of its ability to enhance metabolic processes in the body. Second, it can lower the level of cholesterol in the body and hence facilitate the loss of weight. In addition, it helps to reduce weight by activating an enzyme that eliminates triglycerides in fat cells. Third, the tea helps in the blocking of oxidation, and it is good for the health of your heart.