Simple Tips for Making an Excellent Cup of Coffee at Home

Simple Tips for Making an Excellent Cup of Coffee at Home Simple Tips for Making an Excellent Cup of Coffee at Home

64% of Americans aged 18 and older drank coffee every day in 2019.

However, while the popular drink plays a key part in daily life for many people, many choose to get their fix by spending their money on a cup of gourmet coffee instead of making it at home.

For those looking to save some money and create the perfect cup of coffee at home each morning, there are a few things to keep in mind. From the importance of storing your beans properly to choosing the right machine for you, here’s what you need to know to get that perfect cup.

Does your machine matter?

When it comes to getting the perfect cup of coffee in the morning, your machine can play an integral role in doing so.

For example, depending on the machine you have, there will be a major difference in quality, taste and flavor.

Today’s common coffee makers include single serve machines, manual espresso makers, and the standard auto drip brewer, to name a few. While the machine you should have in your home depends on your individual preferences, one great choice is a bean-to-cup machine, which can deliver a strong and quality cup every time.

These machines are known as all in one machines, as they can grind your bean of choice, extract the flavor, and make espresso.

Many bean-to-cup machines also come with an attached milk frother, making it possible to get creamy foam topped coffee right from your kitchen.

Choosing the right beans — and storing them well


Aside from the machine you use, your coffee beans and how you store them are just as important.

While you should always choose beans that match your preferred tastes, it’s also necessary to ensure that the beans you’re getting are fresh and from a well-respected roaster/place.

Additionally, it’s important to mind the roast date, as doing so can let you know how many days have passed; giving you a precise idea of how fresh they really are.

When it comes to properly storing your beans until it’s time to grind them, there are a few things to be aware of. For example, in order to preserve the longevity and to ensure freshness and taste, it’s important to store them in an opaque and airtight container.

In terms of temperature, storing your beans in the fridge is a popular choice; however, this is regarded as a no-go, as it can heighten the chances of moisture getting to your beans, which can hinder the quality.

Instead, opting to store them in a cool and dark location is much more favorable to keep the flavor intact.

While many may head to their local coffee shop for a perfect cup each morning, it’s important to realize that you can achieve the same — if not better — results right from home.

By taking simple measures such as storing your beans properly and choosing the right coffee maker for your desired tastes, you can ensure you’ll end up with a perfect cup every time.