Cajun Injector Electric Smoker Review

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Precise temperature control

Large/fits a lot of foods


Withstands all weather conditions


Pellets can be hard to load

Cajun Injector Electric Smoker

When you cook with smoke, you produce flavorful, juicy and tender cuts of meat. The only problem with most smokers is that users have to spend time maintaining the temperature of their unit throughout the cooking process, and this becomes tedious and time-consuming.

The manufacturers of the Cajun Injector electric smoker use digital technology to make the smoking process easy; their electric smoker provides precise temperature control to make sure that users get the best results time after time. This unit truly gives users the opportunity to set it and forget it when it comes to cooking; the unit's solid steel construction and internal thermostat make sure that your food always cooks at the temperature that you want.

This means you never have to worry about temperature fluctuations after you set the unit's temperature and time; the only thing you need to worry about is adding flavor pellets when you feel that they are needed. The unit measures in at 17.8 x 33.8 x 18.8 inches, and it weighs about 50 pounds, so you can easily move it around when it isn't in use. The

Cajun Injector is truly versatile; it's large enough to accommodate any type of food, and it gives you a true smoky flavor that is impossible to achieve using other cooking methods. You can add flavor pellets without opening the unit during the cooking process, so there is zero risk of temperature drops, charring or flare-ups.


Steady temperature between 100 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit; automatic shutoff when food is done
Side-access wood pellet chute; you don't have to open the unit to add more smoky flavor
Insulated steel for reduced heat loss and energy efficiency
Easy to move; the unit has adjustable front legs and rear wheels
Five high-quality smoking racks
Temperature probe included; you don't have to open the unit to check your food's temperature
Precision digital heat controls
Powder-coated finish for durability
Spacious and easy to clean
ETL certified
2.3 cubic feet of cooking space
Any pellets or wood chips can be used in the cooking chute

What We Like

A majority of consumers who write Cajun Injector electric smoker reviews say that the digital settings make it super easy to use. They love that you can set the temperature without having to worry about it fluctuating during the cooking process; this allows you to prepare other parts of your meal or go about your day while your food is cooking. You do need to add wood chips for flavor, but the unit only need ¼ of a cup for great tasting food, and the side access pellet chute allows you to add pellets without opening the unit and losing heat.

Smoking bacon, pork, sausage, fish and any other type of meats or vegetables has never been easier, and when you are done cooking, you'll be impressed by the authentic flavor and texture of your food. The instructions that come with the unit don't give you precise cooking times, but if you do a search on the Internet, you’ll be able to find recipes for anything that you can imagine.

The unit is fairly light and compact, and this makes it easy to clean and store when it is not in use. It only weighs in at about 50 pounds, so you can move it without strain. The internal temperature probe is very accurate, so you always know the exact temperature that your food is cooked at. The racks and pans inside of the unit are porcelain-coated steel, so you never have to worry about them warping or breaking when you are cooking your foods. The outside of the unit is made of powder-coated steel; it was specifically designed to withstand the harshest of weather and abuse.

The rollers on the unit make it easy to move, and it only weighs about 50 pounds; you can easily lift your unit when using the rollers isn't a possibility. People love this unit, and they feel that it makes smoking authentic barbecue an easy process; some have gone so far as to say that the preparation of their meal is harder than the smoking process itself.

Unlike charcoal or pellet smokers, this unit uses electricity for heat, and this gives you ultimate control over the amount of heat being put out by the unit. When you can control the heat, you are always assured that your food comes out cooked perfectly; there are no flare-ups, and no loss of heat during cooking, so your food always comes out just the way it should.

The temperature and timer combined make this unit very easy to use; once you've put your food inside of the unit, you are essentially done. You can set the unit to shut off when the timer goes off, or you can set it to shut off when a certain internal temperature is reached; either way, it results in a perfectly cooked meal.

The manufacturer's customer service is very responsive, so if you happen to have a problem, you can call them and get it resolved quickly. All-in-all this unit is perfect for both home chefs and professionals alike; it makes smoking your food a pleasurable and stress-free experience.

The Limitations

The only real complaint that people have voiced in their Cajun Injector electric smoker reviews is that the pellets can be hard to load at times because of the chute; it's a small design flaw, and once you get the hang of loading them, you shouldn't have any problems.

You need to add pellets about every hour, but you can use different types of pellets, so you aren't stuck paying high prices for pellets that were specifically designed for the unit. It's great to not have to open the door to add pellets or wood chips, and you should be able to get a hang of the chute after you use it once or twice. This smoker is a step up from other units on the market; it's built of solid steel, and it can be used daily without damaging the unit. Your unit won't warp, and the porcelain-coated grates and water pan guarantee that they will last for a long time.

Who Is This Smoker For

Just as you must already know, there are various types of smokers in the market today. Although, most in the same category have similar features, there are sometimes one or two distinctive features which attracts consumers to one over another. For example, all electric smokers have one common feature. They are powered by electricity. In the same way, the common feature with all gas cookers is that they are powered by gas. If you however take a closer look at smokers in the same category, you’ll definitely find one or two distinctive features that would attract you to one.

For the Cajun Injector electric smoker, one of the features that would definitely be beneficial for people who intend using it at home is the automatic temperature control. In order to get the best from your smoked meat, you need to adjust the temperature of the smoker from time to time. This is a very tedious process especially for people who intend using the smoker at home. It is a different case if you are running a barbeque shop. Probably adjusting your smoker manually in that case will be better. You should know what works best for your business.

If you have a large family, you’ll definitely want an appliance that is capable of preparing food for everyone in one go. The Cajun Injector smoker is not a bogus appliance. At 17.8 X 33.8 X 18.8 inches, it is just ideal for a medium to large size family, with so much room to spare. It is also perfect for a small barbeque party. Rather than hiring a large size smoker for your birthday parties and get together, you can make use of your Cajun Injector smoker. The only stress you may face is extending an electricity outlet to the venue of the party, especially if it’s in a garden.

One of the most important features that must be present in electric ovens meant for home use is “ease of operation”. It is good for the oven to have sophisticated features which offers a range of options to users but if setting the controls will be an issue, then the sophisticated features become a liability. The Cajun Injector electric smoker is not just sophisticated in nature, but is also easy to control. There is also a space at the bottom of the oven where you are to place wood pellets. You have to be cautious of the amount of wood pellets you place there. Of course, we know that smoked meat will not be complete without the taste and aroma burning wood gives it. However if you use too much wood pellets, then you place your oven at a risk of catching fire.

Although from the features of this Cajun injector smoker, one can easily conclude that it is best for home use. This is true. But considering its size and efficiency, using it for commercial purpose may not be a bad idea either. And if you have to move it around during transportation, the adjustable tires at the base of the oven is just perfect.