Bradley smoker review

Should I Go for a Bradley Electronic Smoker?

If you’ve done your homework for the best electric smoker, we’re pretty sure you’ve encountered the name Bradley Smoker countless times.

With the number of features their smokers have and the number of satisfied customers matching the ratio, it’s no wonder the Bradley has gained popularity over the years in the world of smoking and roasting.

One of the best and most sought-after models in the Bradley lineup is the BTDS108P model.

It carries a handful of premium smoker features in its bulky build – faster cooking time, quality meat produced, user-friendly interface and more.

It has plenty to offer for chefs and aspiring chefs that it would be impossible to summarize them all without giving them justice.

That’s why we’ll discuss all the good, the bad, and the smokiness of the BTDS108P in this post.

Stick around till the end to find out if the Bradley BTDS108P is the right electric smoker for you.


  • Works for hot and cold smoking
  • Great for large-scale grilling
  • Easy to use
  • Large cooking space
  • Built for insulation


  • Doesn’t produce the same smokey flavor as a traditional charcoal smoker
  • Thermometer isn’t accurate
  • Expensive

Smoking Capacity, Temperature Options, and Overall Performance

bradly smoker

The Bradley is designed to produce smoke continuously, which keeps your choice of meat cuts juicy and smoky through the end.

The BTDS108P comes with a digital smoke generator, where you pop in Bradley’s wood bisquettes to produce its signature smoky taste.

If you keep the smoker box full of bisquettes, the smoker can keep the smoke rollin’ for up to 8 hours.

The wood briquettes burn and the charcoal is separated, and the gas left in the smoker box produces the smoky flavor of your meat.

Smoking meat to perfection takes time for most electric smokers, except this one . It features fast cooking time that slashes the usual smoking time to a half.

The 500-watt cooking element and 125-watt smoking element makes this fast and professional-grade cooking possible.

If you have this behemoth smoker at your hands, your guests wouldn’t have to wait in vain anymore for their plate of tender, smoky meat.

If you’re wondering the temperature range of this build, think sky-high .

Temperature options can reach up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit, and in case you’re wondering, that temperature cap can cook almost all types of meat and veggies.

Size, Design, and Built

When it comes to size, you won’t be disappointed with this one. It’s got 3,432 cubic inches dedicated to your cooking space inside, it puts the Hulk into shame (if he turns into an electric smoker).

Whole Turkey for Thanksgiving or a parade of burgers for family reunions? Not a problem anymore with the Bradley BTDS108P!

And with the 17 x 14 x 39 inches for external size, and 67 pounds for overall weight, this smoker is surely the mammoth of all electric smokers out there.

bradly cooking space inside

As if those aren’t mouth-gaping enough, the racks inside comes in 11 x 13 size each. You can also adjust these racks to fit all of your preferred meat cuts in there.

With its huge size, it’s obviously more suited for yards with large spaces or for huge grilling parties.

It doesn’t come with any wheels, so if you place it somewhere in your backyard, make sure it’s the perfect permanent spot for doing your roasting duties.

Prepare your muscles too, since carrying this thing around is no joke.

The magnetic door of this smoker unit keeps your smoke held tight like a prison on lockdown.

It’s got a beautiful insulation build that guarantees smoky and juicy meat for you and your party of friends or family.

The tight smoke security also ensures you can grill your choice of meat whatever the condition is.

Because God knows that when the wind starts being a killjoy, your masterpiece of smoked meat gets ruined.

The Bradley BTDS108P comes in two models, one with four racks and one with six racks.

The only difference with these variations is the number of racks. Everything else is packed into both unit categories.

bradley models

The Bradley focuses more on performance over aesthetics, so don’t expect much with the design.

Still, it follows the slim and sleek design of electric smokers today, which usually resembles a wine fridge.

It also makes up its lack of design for the wide and functional cooking space inside.

This behemoth smoker is made out of powder epoxy steel that keeps it strong and sturdy against harsh climate conditions and hardcore use.

The internal body, on the other hand, is made out of stainless steel that allows it to insulate heat inside.

Ease of Use

The Bradley BTDS108P belongs to the family of “set and forget” smokers in the market.

As the title implies, it means you can smoke your raw meat without having to keep watching it every time.

You won’t need to keep refilling the smoker box with briquettes to keep the fire burning.

The BTDS108P automatically loads the briquettes into the box for you for every 20 minutes.

Lastly, the digital interface is easy to understand and use. It’s easy to tell which button adjusts the time, temperature and smoke.


The Bradley still has its share of downsides, but they’re so minor that it won’t affect your overall smoking experience.

For one, you can’t expect the same quality of flavor you can get with charcoal smokers.

The thermometer indicating the current temperature of your smoker may show temperature that’s slightly higher than its real temperature.

This is because the thermometer is placed atop the heating element.

Lastly, with its gargantuan size packed with spectacular smoker features, you can expect the price to reflect the same.

It may not be the suitable smoker for those with a tight budget.

Should You Get a Bradley Smoker?

YES. Simply put, if you’re looking for a monstrous smoker that does every imaginable thing you can do with smoking, you need to get your hands on the Cookout Pal – Bradley BTDS108P.

It might be a little over the average price of electric smokers today, but the price is reasonable in exchange for the versatility and quality of meat it produces.

Be sure to check out the recipe book included after purchasing to test out what this beauty can do!