Bradley 4 Rack Digital Smoker Review

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Fits easily anywhere

Very sturdy

Simple to use


After 8 hr it automatically shuts off

Bradley 4 Rack Digital Smoker Review

Digital smokers can seem like a dime a dozen, but sometimes there are options that truly stand out and offer something that nothing else can. That is precisely what Bradley has done with this 4 rack digital smoker. If you are in the market, this is certainly one that deserves a second look.

They have managed to overcome many of the problems that other smokers face. Even in the most effective smokers, there is often a problem of running out of space due to the bulky size.

If you are only wanting to smoke meats and vegetables at home, and don’t have a need for complex systems, this is a problem. You don’t need that much space, so why spend an incredible amount of money on one that you’ll only be wasting?

That is why this is such an important electric smoker that should be interesting you.

Who is This Smoker For?

The Bradley Smoker is a fully automatic electric smoker capable of providing you with highly tasty smoked food at very minimal contact with the smoker. With the many sophisticated features this smoker boasts of, it is easy to see why it is more expensive when compared with others in the same category. It is not just a smoker with a name, but one that continues to prove its quality times and times again. Of course, a smoker that is as sophisticated and expensive as this cannot be the best for everyone, so let’s take a look at who it best suits.

Lovers of Technology

The first set of people that this smoker is best for are the ones that love sophisticated technology and can at the same time, afford to pay for it. The BTDS76JB is a bit pricey, but as long as it does offer exactly what it promises, most people don’t care. With this oven, you can set everything that your meat needs to be cooked from start to finish using the computer provided.

People with Little or No Free time

There are a lot of people today with a very busy schedule. They hardly have time for anything even while at home. If such a person loves preparing smoked meat then he/she will definitely need an automatic smoker like this Bradley unit. While conventional smokers require you to always check your meat from time to time to ensure it doesn’t get burnt or overcooked, the BTDS76JB allows you to put the meat in the oven and forget it. This saves you several hours that can be used to focus on your job at home, or other domestic activities.

Sophisticated but Easy to Operate

Most of the people who clamor for a sophisticated equipment wants it to be easy to operate. With this Bradley unit, you only need to set the smoker’s temperature, preload the Bradley briquettes, and place your seasoned meat on the rack to get it cooking. If this is your first time of using a digital smoker, then probably you want a more detailed instruction. Either way, the BTDS76JD doesn’t go beyond a 5 step operation process. The first is to power on the unit, next thing is to set the oven timer as well as its temperature, next is to feed in the wood briquettes and activate the smoker, and finally, you need to set the smoke timer. Once all these are done, you can feed in your meat cuts and go to rest.

Wood Briquettes Come in Many Flavors

Bradley is one of the few manufacturers that provide flavored wood briquettes. One of the main reasons why people love smoked meat is because of the flavor of smoke on the meat. These days, people no longer stick to the conventional wood flavor only, there are other flavors which could give you a whole new experience. Bradley offers various types of flavors which you would definitely love. Some of these flavors include: maple, apple, cherry, alder, and several more.

What We Like


This isn’t necessarily one of the smallest home smokers you can get, but it is a great size and carries a lot of weight for such a small piece of equipment. It measures 14” X 31” X 14” and fits easily in the home in ways that many other options aren’t going to be able to do. It also measures just over 40lbs, making it a solid piece of equipment, although we’ll look more at the sturdy construction below. The four racks that are included on the inside make it easy to fit plenty of food into the smoker despite the small size. That also makes it easy to clean since they are easily removed and traded out with other ones if they ever need replacements.

Simplicity of Use

This is one of the simplest smokers in the industry, with many automated features that make it easy to set and forget compared to many of the other options available. The temperature and time can both be set to automatically be managed by this Bradley smoker, making it simple unless you are someone who wants to micro-manage every aspect of the smoking process. You won’t ever have to worry about overcooking your food when you know the kind of time frame that it should be done in. Having a hassle free of smoking your foods is something that can never be overlooked when you are in charge of making meals for people, so this is something that should at the very least cause you to take a second look at it.

High Temperature

Compared to many of the other smokers that are on the market, this is one of the higher range models that you are going to be able to find. Especially compared to the other home smokers that are available, the 320 degree cooking temperature is incredible and will allow you to cook anything that you want, even if you don’t want to go the typical route of low temperature cooking for long periods of time. A lot of people won’t need a high temperature, but having the ability to go this high means that it will be easier overall to reach the proper temperature, even if you are shooting for something much lower in your meats.

Strong Customer Support

One thing that is undeniable is that there is a huge customer base that stands behind this model of smokers as one that can be trusted time and time again. Taking one look at the large number of customer reviews makes this much easy to see. Regardless of any specific features that it might have, this single point should have a large impact on how good of a smoker you think it might be.

Sturdy Construction

The techniques and materials used in constructing this specific smoker makes it one of the strongest available and also one of the longest lasting. It certainly carries a great deal of weight, at over 40lbs, but the actual materials that are used are high quality, which is important to note. The outside is made with powder epoxy steel, which involves giving the exterior a strong coating that makes sure that it will never rust, corrode, or be damaged by chemicals. The steel and aluminum used on the inside is just as strong, though, and it all comes together to make this a long lasting smoker that will serve you well for years to come. That construction doesn’t make any sacrifices with making assembly easy, though, because all that is required is that you attach the smoke generator and insert the racks. That is all it takes! If you have had more elaborate smokers in the past and struggled with all of the moving parts, you won’t have to worry about that any more. That easy assembly also makes it simple to move and carry wherever you need it.

The Limitations

There are very few reasons to think that this is a less than ideal smoker. That is why it is so great. With that being said, there is one concern that some people have, although it is a very small minority.

Limited Cooking Time

There is a limited cooking time with this smoker, although it shouldn’t be a problem for most people. After 8 hours, this smoker will automatically cut off. For the vast majority of people, this is more than enough time to smoke meats and vegetables to the perfect temperature. If you are going to be cooking massive amounts of food, though, this can be problematic.