Best Wine Decanters Reviewed and Tested

Decanting might not seem important, but the heightened oxygen exposure it adds to your drink greatly enhances its taste by letting out floral and fruity aromas and softening astringent tannins. Many people are always wondering which of the many wine decanters is best suited for the job. Here is a review of the best wine decanters to help you get started when you hit the market.

Our Top 3 Picks

Wine Reveller Hand-Blown
  • Wine Reveller Hand-Blown
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • prestigious
  • Price: See Here
Larnn Wine Aerator Pourer
  • Larnn Wine Aerator Pourer
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • elegant
  • Price: See Here
Wine Decanter VBSEO
  • Wine Decanter VBSEO
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • style and beauty
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Wine Decanters


1. Wine Reveller

It is very prestigious to have the most wanted wine accessories amongst your clique of friends or colleagues, and this wine decanter is a sure way to be that person. This decanter is elegant and classy, and it is designed to keep the drinks oxygenated, allowing them to release sweet aromatic smells and flavors. Wine Reveller comes with a slanting spout at the top of the carafe that prevents spillages and drippings. It has a unique and appealing design which is a direct reflection of the great work you can expect it to do. It is a perfect purchase for any wine lover.
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In our opinion, this is one of the accessories that will surely make your home the envy of your guests and friends. This wine decanter is large enough to give your drinks breathing space to aerate and release the sweetest aroma and smells. This wine decanter can hold any 750ml red wine bottle, and still give it enough space to breathe.

Features and Specifications

It is made of a slanted spout to ensure that there is no dripping, wastes, and spillages.
It's made with 100% lead-free glass.
It weighs 1.8 pounds.
It can hold 750mls of wine and any other drink.


This decanter is affordable and it delivers value for your money.


The beauty and quality of this decanter make it something worth purchasing. It is an accessory worth adding to your inhouse bar, or even set of wine glasses.

Coupling this wine decanter with wine glasses makes the perfect gift for your loved ones on special occasions. This wine decanter is a great for individual use, hosting parties, family dinners or as a gift.
  • It can be used to aerate any alcoholic drink; not just wine
  • It is large enough to serve multiple people at once
  • The sturdy glass makes it stronger and hard to break
  • Not easy to use a brush to clean the inside

2. Larnn

This is undoubtedly one of the best decanters so far. It aerates wine and brings out its best flavors fast. This wine decanter is designed to allow you to view your red wine as it aerates. It's very beautiful and it gives the dining table or cocktail party a classy look. The unit comes with a stand where you can place it when not in use, and it has a strainer on the top end that slows the outflow of wine into your glass. The manufacturer of this awesome product says that it helps remove ethanol and sulfates from the wine, making it much cleaner.
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It's built using FDA food grade approved material. As such, you can use it to decant your wine without having to worry about contaminants getting into your wine. This is one of the features that give it an upper hand amongst its competitors.

Features and Specifications

It is designed to make aeration fast.
Its spout is specially designed to avoid spillage.
It is elegantly designed to make for a perfect gift.
It is transparent in color.
It weighs 1.4 pounds.
It has a stand where you can keep it while not being used.
It has a strainer.


This is one of the most affordable decanters in the market. Any wine lover can afford this and it delivers more than your expectations.


This decanter is easy to use, affordable and so elegant. It is highly efficient and insures best results. It is suitable for personal use, family dinners, cocktail parties as well as Valentine and birthday gifts.
  • The product is designed to ensure that there is a minimum possibility of spillage while pouring
  • It is highly efficient in aerating the wine faster
  • Gives the wine a smoother finish with a reduced bitterness or bad aftertaste
  • The strainer controls the speed at which wine is being poured into the glass
  • The stand keeps it safe from potential damage
  • Cannot hold a big capacity of wine

3. VBSEO 1.2L

We can't talk of style and beauty without talking about this wine decanter. It is one of the most unique items you can gift yourself or your loved ones. This decanter is extravagantly packaged to give a touch of class and efficiency. It comes with a wide base that allows maximum aeration for up to 1200ml of wine. It comes with an easy pour spout that is slanted a little to prevent drips and spills. Without a doubt, the engineers who worked on this product made sure that wine flows effortlessly into your glass, allowing you to focus on drinking and enjoying your wine to your hearts content.
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The unique U-shape of this decanter is what sets it apart from its competitors. It is carefully designed to ensure that it gives the optimal operating area to complement its flashy look. The U-shape allows an optimal breathable surface area for oxygenation of wine.

Features and Specifications

It has a capacity of 1200 ml.
It can hold a standard wine bottle of 750ml.
It has a fancy U-shape.
It has a slanting spout for easy pouring.
It has a 100% lifetime guarantee of satisfaction.
It's made of non-leaded crystal glass.
It weighs 1.5 pounds.


The item is pricey but it's on offer with free delivery across US. This wine decanter is worth the price because it is very efficient and it gives the best decanting results.


The beauty of this product is very eye catching. Anyone who appreciates art will buy this decanter without a second thought. Its performance is also something to go for; it has been designed to correct the flaws of most of the traditional decanters in the market today.
  • It’s very beautiful; it enhances the aesthetic value of the home
  • It is light and easy to handle
  • It does not break easily
  • The slanting spout ensures that wine doesn't spill when serving
  • It is easy to clean
  • It can be used for both red and white wine
  • It doesn't come with a stand

4. Le Château

If you are looking for a 100% crystal wine decanter, then Château Wine Decanter is a perfect purchase. It comes with an 8.5 inches wide base which is the largest diameter currently on offer in the market. A larger surface area is important because it facilitates optimal oxygenation of your wine to enhance its purity, taste and aroma. The decanter is specially designed to perfectly house a standard 750ml bottle.
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The lead-free make of this wine decanter illuminates the room with elegance and clear view of the red wine. This is one of the best investments any wine decanter can add to his or her home without after purchase regrets

This size of this decanter is big enough for use in a cocktail party. It the perfect bar accessory that ensures your guests always get the best wine whenever they need it.

Features and Specifications

It has a diameter of 8.5 inches.
It's made of hand-blown glass that is 100% lead-free crystal.
Has a slanted top for easy pouring without spills.
It weighs 1.5 pounds.
It's clear for a better view of your red wine.
It has a neck that is approximately 2 inches wide.


This product is quite pricey, but it delivers value for money. It is one of the decanters that you will never regret having in the house. It is currently in stock and can be shipped free of charge to some locations.


This wine decanter, with the widest diameter in the market, is an assurance of the finest wine. The crystal glass adds to the ambiance of the room. Buying this enviable wine accessory is one of the investments that one can never regret. This decanter is suitable for individual use, it's a good wine accessory, a perfect gift, and it can be used for cocktail parties.
  • The 8.5 diameter allows for maximum aeration of your wine
  • It weighs 1.5 pounds only, which is perfect for easy handling
  • It’s elegant hence adding to the home’s aesthetic value
  • It has no filter

5. Aria

The splendor of taste is well found in aerated wine, and a glass of aerated wine is one of the coolest treats that you can give yourself and friends regularly. With this product, you get more than that, and several wine lovers have attested to this little secret. This decanter comes with a broad base that allows wine to oxygenate to the maximum, and it’s large enough to hold a 750ml of wine.
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Most wine decanters manufacturers specify that their units should only be used with red wine. This product has taken competition higher since it can be used to aerate white wine, sherry, and whiskey. This makes it a very resourceful asset for your in-house bar or as just a wine accessory.

Features and Specifications

It is handblown by beauty and elegance.
It's made of 100% lead-free thick crystal.
It weighs 2.1 pounds.
Its spout is designed to ensure no spillage and drippings.


This product is pricey but it's worth the money. With a lifetime guarantee and the striking beauty, it's an asset worth investing in. It is on offer and free shipping is guaranteed upon purchase.


One of the main benefits that customers cite for purchasing this product is its ability to aerate 750mls of red wine to perfection. With this decanter in your bar, you can be sure that no guest will ever complain about the taste of your wine. It is suitable for an in-house bar, individual parties, cocktail parties and family dinners. It has been highly recommended by a huge number of guests for its durability. For gifts to friends and family, it's one of the best choices.
  • The spout is perfectly designed to ensure that there is no spillage and drippings
  • It is handmade for uniqueness and elegance
  • It is large enough to allow evaporation of sulfides and ethanol for a perfect taste of your favorite wine
  • Can easily break

6. Wine Decanter by HiCoup

If you are someone who enjoys a good glass of wine, you will definitely enjoy your wine better in a HiCoup Wine Decanter. This is an elegant decanter made from lead-free crystal glass. It’s perfectly shaped to complement your other glass barware and to add a touch of sophistication to your table. This is a 100% handmade organically shaped decanter that is mouth-blown by the artisan to produce a unique piece of art. It has a wide mouth for pouring your wine into the decanter and a narrow thin pouring lip that makes it so much easier to pour yourself your glass of wine. The decanter has the benefit of a freeform shape with more surface area to aerate the wine by softening tannins and thus improving its taste.
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It also helps in the precipitation of sediments so that you can enjoy your wine to its full potential, without any seeds, pulp or stem getting into your way. Not only is the decanter used for storing your favorite wine, it can be also filled with your favorite breakfast juice or use it as a bedside jug of water.

Features and Specification

Made from lead-free crystal glass.
100 percent handmade organically shaped decanter.
More surface area to aerate wine.
Precipitates sediments.


The HiCoup Wine Decanter is available at a reasonable price.


This is an attractive wine decanter that is affordable. Though it may be a bit small in size, it can easily hold 800 ml of wine. So, if you don’t mind pouring and aerating about half a bottle of wine at a time for a small gathering, this decanter is worth buying. Besides, it’s artistically designed and can be used for holding juices and water and not just wine.
  • Precipitates sediments for a better glass of wine
  • Can be used for storing any drink like juices or even water
  • Mouth-blown and handmade for elegance
  • Great customer service
  • No dripping from the spout
  • It is sturdy but easy to maneuver
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • A bit too small for its purpose as it decants only half a bottle of wine
  • Fragile and may easily break

7. Vittorio Wine

If you are a fan of wine, you surely know that it needs to be exposed to the air to have a better taste. As such, you need a great aerator and decanter like the Vitorio to expedite this process so that you can concentrate on the pleasure of sipping your wine in its intended flavor. The product features an extensive air intake system and a wide chamber that facilitates the air in to mix with the wine and produce a great flavor. Furthermore, if you are concerned about the safety of your drink, you don’t need to worry as this unit is made of an FDA approved material. The material doesn’t pose any risk to your health.
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What is even better is that the decanter features a ribbed and tapered rubber stopper that acts as a leak-free seal to fit different types of wine bottles. Additionally, it's acrylic pouring mouth has a slant and furrow to ensure that you pour your wine without any mess. And when you pour your drink, you won’t find any drop on your table or countertop. Why stain your tablecloth with wine stains? As you know, impression matters and it comes to classic men and women. The amazing design of this product will contribute to the appearance of your house and still change your wine drinking experience. Furthermore, it is very easy to clean this aerator – you only need to twist its acrylic spout to remove the regulator and then wash it in warm water.

Features and Specifications

Aerate the wine to perfection within seconds.
Keep the tablecloth free of wine stains.
Made with high-quality materials and elegantly designed.
Lifetime manufacturer guarantee.


The product is quite affordable. Furthermore, given the fact that the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee, it means that you will not part with money soon to buy another aerator. In case of anything, you can claim your money back.


Finding a firm that shows total confidence in their product can be hard. That is surely a sign of high quality assurance. It should provide you with enough reason to purchase this wine aerator.
  • Classy design
  • Simple to clean
  • Top quality
  • No annoying leakages
  • Lots of counter fake products

8. Bella Vino

Wine taking is always a special moment, it is the moment when you leave all the irritations of the day behind and be in a world of your own. Sadly, there is no way you can enjoy your drink if you don’t have a wine aerator. This is where Bella Vino comes in handy. This wine decanter allows you to aerate and decant your wine to perfection, even if it’s of low quality, and make it taste better. It oxygenates and enhance not only the smell but also the taste of your wine. The name of this product comes from 2 Latin words Bella and Vino which mean beautiful and wine respectively, and its full name suggests the kind of wine you will be getting from it.
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The product casts a classic design and a huge base that gives a large surface area that ensures your drink gets maximum air for tantalizing and delicious taste. Its wide bottom also reduces the likelihood of the decanter tipping off easily, especially when its contains wine.

The unit holds a bottle of about 750 ml and still leaves sufficient space for breathing.

What is even better, the beginners and veterans will find it easy to use as it comes with an instruction manual.

Features and Specifications

Made of 100 percent lead-free crystal glass for durable and lightweight design.
Classy design and shape that make it lovely.
Aerates wines as it’s poured to bring out the rich taste and aroma.
100 percent customer satisfaction guaranteed.
Holds up to 750 ml bottle of wine.


The price of this wine decanter is on the lower side compared to that of similar models, and you can request for a hassle-free refund all thanks to its 100 percent money back guarantee. It is the best product for people searching for gifts, and as you know, gifts are priceless.


Bella Vino decanter was made to impress and might be a huge plus to your décor. It’s designed to enhance the mood in all occasions including special parties. You cannot go wrong if you decide to buy this unit for yourself or your loved ones.
  • Wide base for added stability
  • Functional
  • Sturdy
  • Classy and elegant
  • Easy to use
  • Not for big bottles

9. Vinomaster Red Wine Aerator

Oxygenating your wine with this product is a kid’s game. You only need to open your wine bottle, attach the aerator to the bottle mouth, and pour your drink into it. The wine will get oxygenated as it flows via the dispenser into the glass. Note that by attaching this bottle to the wine decanter, you eliminate any spilling or dripping on the table; thanks to its leak guard. That will ensure that you enjoy every bottle without wasting your precious drink.
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In addition, the amazing design ensures that you don’t deal with messes that are often witnessed with other products. Even better, if you care about your appearance, then the beautiful design of this product will enhance your house. Kept in on the countertop or even fridge, this product will give a good impression. Furthermore, the decanter will help you store your drink for later use. This is made possible due to its amazing wine bottle stopper that has a rubber ring that seals the bottle completely (no air can get into the bottle).

Feature and Specifications

Enjoy sweet tasting wine instantly
The perfect wine gift set
Features amazing wine bottle stopper
Stylish and elegant design
Lifetime satisfaction guaranteed


Although we have said that its primary con is its price, this doesn’t mean that it’s too expensive. First, you are given a lifetime warranty that ensures you get your money back in case you don’t like the product. Furthermore, it functions as a wine storage, an aerator, and a decanter – three in one.


Don’t wait for Christmas. If you have a loved one that you would like to give a gift, look no further. This product should be the first on your gifts list for the loved one. Whether it’s an anniversary, a wedding, or a birthday, this product comes with a beautiful packaging that will make them smile.
  • No mess
  • Attaches directly to your wine bottle
  • Classy bottle stopper
  • Amazing design
  • Very easy to clean
  • A bit expensive

10. Wine Enthusiast

Once you start drinking your wine from a Wine Enthusiast Vivid Wine Decanter, you will never want to drink it any other way. This is the perfect wine decanter. It’s not as fragile as it looks, we have bumped it on the granite countertop several times and it has come out unscathed. It’s beautiful and it looks classy.
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It has a broad base spanning about 15 inches wide that helps aerate your wine much faster to give it a nice taste. This decanter aerates the wine as it’s poured from the glass, and further once it reaches its broad base. Unlike most decanters, this decanter helps balance the wine flavors so that you don’t get too much of sharpness or overtones as you usually do at the start or end of a sip.

It's made of lead-free crystal and it’s stylish enough to place on the dinner table even when you have guests around.

It’s handmade in Europe to perfection to help you enjoy your glass of wine. It’s lightweight enough for you to conveniently hold and pour your wine into the glass.

Features and Specifications

Broad base of 15 inches.
Handmade in Europe.
Lightweight feature.


It's available in most online stores at an affordable rate.


This decanter is really worth buying. It looks decent, does well at aerating your wine and it is lightweight enough for anyone to lift and pour the wine out.
  • Made of glass and handmade in Europe
  • Has a wide base spanning 15 inches wide
  • The wide base aerates the wine much faster
  • Lightweight enough to easily lift and pour your wine
  • There is no ‘peak’ on the inside of the decanter to help oxygenate the wine while it’s poured in
  • It has a narrow neck which some consider makes it difficult to pour the wine out

Evaluation Criteria

Selecting a wine decanter can be a daunting task, but overall, you should look for a stylish that’s well within your budget. The best decanters are made of either glass or fine crystals, but at the end, both types of decanters serve the same purpose. When buying a decanter, look for a product that will not only aerate your wine but also rhyme with the overall décor of your home. That said, we used a scientific criterion to evaluate different wine products currently on offer at and make a list of the top 10 best decanters. Our evaluation was based upon the following metrics.

  • Price
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Look
  • Material
  • Wine type
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of pouring
  • Extra consideration


Our list includes both the most affordable and the most expensive wine decanters and aerators. You can get simple wine decanters for as little as $25, while more complicated models can cost you as much as $200. Most decanters in this review have an average price. We found out that more stylish products would translate to high cost. We also found out that it isn’t necessarily true to say that the cheap wine decanters are of low quality. In fact, some expensive products break easily compared to cheaper ones.


Majority of wine decanters and aerators are sized to fit your bottle of wine. Here, we reviewed products that were large enough to fit large bottles and some which were small enough to fit a small bottle.  Smaller decanters are often preferred by individuals who don’t want to finish their bottle of wine within one night. Large units come in handy when you are hosting lots of people. Although not in our top ten products, there are other units that hold at least 2 bottles. These are big decanters.


These products come in different shapes. One of the top issues that we looked at when considering the shape is how much surface area the aerators or decanters would offer for your wine. The majority of these units are designed to spread your wine so that it can get sufficient air. Additionally, the shape was critical as it makes it simple or challenging to pour your wine without dripping it. The best wine decanters have a wide base and narrow neck and mouth. They also feature a slanted pour to ensure that your drink doesn’t spill on your table.


As we found out, many high-end wine units are designed to be eye-catching. You can purchase a product that is purely functional or go for one that functions as both a decanter as well as a piece of art. This doesn’t mean that simpler models aren’t beautiful, specifically when filled with red wine. Beautiful units are carefully designed to add that extra attraction to the eyes.


Wine aerators are often made of glass because other materials might add some undesired flavour to your drink. In our case, some products were made of high-quality delicate crystal glass. These products are quite expensive and often break more easily if you don’t take care of them, but they are also more decorative and ornate for people with refined tastes.

Wine Type

While frankly speaking, decanting wine in any unit is better than taking it straight from the bottle, some decanters are made to be for specific kinds of wine. In our case, we reviewed decanters that were suitable for red wine, although some are used for other types of wine. We also considered the wine age when considering the best decanters on the market today.

Ease of Cleaning

Many individuals believe that decanters should be cleaned using the ordinary kitchen soap. However, if you don’t rinse your product well, it will affect the taste of your drink. Therefore, we looked at products that require special kind of glass cleaners that reach the base and don’t leave any residue behind.

Ease of Pouring

Whenever you use an aerator, you will be pouring your drink from it. Therefore, it is advisable to get a unit that is easy to pour to avoid making a mess whenever you want to take your drink. Our products were easy to pour to avoid dripping and thus leave your counter or table cloth clean.

Extra Considerations

Other considerations included:

  • Handblown
  • Break resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stopper
  • Chilling decanter

When and How to Decant Wine

When you a beginner to decanting wine, you will find that there are many new things that you must learn to make some great tasting wine! For instance, you may wonder how long you should decant your wine as well as what wines should be decanted, and what to do while decanting older wines. You will also learn some tips and tricks that will make the decanting process a lot easier!

How Long Should I Decant My Wine?

how to decant wine

General rule of thumb suggests that you should decant your wine anywhere from five minutes to approximately two hours. Most people do not know that the simple act of pouring a wine from the bottle and into a decanter does a lot of the decanting process straightaway. Wines that contain high tannin, which include syrah, Brunello di Montalcino, Barolo, and Chianti, will profit significantly from a lengthier wine decanting. You should decant these whines about two hours before serving.

Tips to Speed up Decanting

You can practice speeding up the decanting process by pouring your wine one to two times between two decanters. Another way to speed up decanting is to swirl your wine around in a decanter in order to enhance the air/wine ratio.

What Wines Should Be Decanted?

Inexpensive Wines

You should decant any kind of inexpensive wine because this make them taste a lot better. Due to the Sulphur dioxide that is found in inexpensive wines, they can sometimes have a rotten egg scent when first opened. Even though this smell can throw wine tasters off, there is good news. Usually this scent can be burned off rather quickly after decanting and the outcome can be a very tasty!

Pricey Wines

You should also consider decanting wines that are expensive; particularly ones with substantial cabernet sauvignons. It is also a great idea to decant Italian wines such as Chianti, Aglianico, Barolo, as well as Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Malbec. There are also others worth considering decanting; however that would make a rather long list.

Pinot Noir and White Wine

decanting white wine

It is possible to decant pinot noir as well as white wine; however, you will find that these kinds of wines do not really need it. Although, you may find yourself decanting pinot noir if it is very acidic because this can cause the wine to taste tart; luckily, decanting will aid in smoothing out the taste and make it more appetizing.

Below, you will find some really helpful tips and tricks for decanting your wine!

How Long To Decant Wine If It Is Ten Years or Older?

If your wine is ten years old or possibly older, it is best to add one hour of decanting for every decade. This works especially well on red wines.

Learn To Properly Shake the Bottle

This method is not recommended for wines that are unfiltered. It has been proven to be a great way to decant versus the traditional method which includes using a wine aerator and blending it. This process also works for most red wines.
To properly decant your wine by shaking the bottle:

First open the bottle and pour approximately one ounce into your glass. Next, you should close or recork the bottle and give it an abrupt shake for approximately five seconds. Then you need to wait for the bubbles to dispel. After this, your wine is ready to be served!

Using a Tea Strainer for Sediment

Residue found in wine mostly consists of potassium bitartrate, also known as cream of tartar, which is simply an acidic tartrate. Grape skins can also be seen left behind. These sediments that are left behind can be easily removed by using a tea strainer to filter the wine.

Learn the Appropriate Way to Swirl Your Wine

If you already poured a glass of wine to later find out that it is very tannic and difficult to drink, find solace that you have nothing to worry about! The wine can improve itself over a thirty minute period while resting in your glass. However, you can also decant the wine by swirling it in your glass. By swirling your wine, you increase the surface area of wine to oxygen. This also aerates your wine providing results that decanting would!

What Are Some Tips for Decanting Old Wine?

Leave the Bottle Upright

When it comes to old wine, you should keep the bottle upright for one night before consumption so the sediment has time to settle at the bottom of the wine bottle.

Be Cautious of the Long Cork

Most old wine bottles contain an especially long cork in order to allow the wine to last longer. Due to this method, it is crucial to be certain that your corkscrew is completely set into the cork. It is also important to note that these older corks are extremely fragile and as such will crumble very easily. To prevent this from occurring, make sure to work carefully and slowly to take them out.

Decant with Light

decanting with a light

In order to achieve decanting wine by light you will need to use a candle, lamp, or a flashlight. You will need to hold the bottle of your wine so the area right below the neck of the wine bottle can be seen through the light while pouring. Very cautiously and slowly you should begin pouring your old wine into the decanter. Patience is key while using this technique. You will want to hold the wine bottle as perpendicular as possible to your light source. Lastly, when you come to the last third of the wine, you will want to slow down pouring and carefully watch for any sediment. As soon as any sediment appears in the neck of the wine bottle, you should stop pouring immediately.

Allow Your Wine to Breathe

Leaving your wine alone in the decanter for about two hours before consumption will give a better taste. However, if you used Pinot Noir, then you can start drinking this practically straightaway.


I have heard about wine decanting. What is decanting?

This is the process of pouring the wine from the bottle into a decanter. Usually, the drink is then poured from the decanter to a glass, but sometimes it might be poured into the original bottle.

Why should I decant my wine?

Not all wine requires decanting. Decanting is always necessary for the old wine that often has lots of sediment as it age. Decanting separates the drink from the sediment which makes it look nice in your glass.

How do I decant my wine?

Decanting is easy. You only need to pour your wine into a decanter and then pour it in your glass.

What are the advantages of decanting?

Decanting has 2 main benefits: It removes sediment from your wine and also aerates your drink.

What precisely is aeration?

When aerating your wine, 2 major chemical reactions occur: oxidation and evaporation.

Should I decant only red wine?

Although most individuals decant only red wine, decanting other types of wine will help in aeration. Aeration helps white wines to round out their structures and acidity.