No Main Dishes Required: Tapas Dishes That Will Blow You Away

No Main Dishes Required: Tapas Dishes That Will Blow You Away No Main Dishes Required: Tapas Dishes That Will Blow You Away

Beyond the flavors and the ingredients which are used in tapas, what I love most about it is the way that it is enjoyed.

Instead of a traditional main meal with sides, this is a meal option which is sides-only, enjoyed over a long period of time and which gives you the chance to really sample many flavors and types of food in one sitting.

There are so many dishes to choose from when you are preparing your own tapas-style meal, and today I want to share some of my absolute faves.

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Tortilla Española

tortilla spanish

The Spanish Omelet is a principal feature of tapas and provides a great starting off point for your meal.

This is a much chunkier version of an omelet which is made using potato and egg strata.

Sometimes you may find it with ham and some herbs inside, but traditionally speaking it is kept much more simple, using just the eggs and potatoes, filling, but only to be enjoyed in small slices.

Garlic Shrimp

garlic shrimp

Another reason I love tapas is that you can combine veg sides, meat sides and also some delicious seafood sides, fitting in with everyone’s individual tastes.

These garlic shrimps are nothing short of delicious, made using fresh shrimp which have been tossed in olive oil, cayenne pepper, paprika, a touch of brandy and plenty of fresh garlic, absolutely sumptuous.

Tuna Red Peppers

tuna fish tapas

Small, sweet red peppers are great for stuffing and this tapas dish is a great example of that.

Mix up some fresh tuna with some green onion and olives, stuff the mix inside the peppers and then you can either roast them, or serve cold if you use canned tuna.

Patatas Bravas

patatas bravas

Another principle dish of any tapas meal is patatas bravas, crispy potatoes which have a touch of spice and plenty of garlic.

The potatoes themselves are par-boiled and then chopped very small, before being fried up to give them that delicious crunch.

To make the sauce use tabasco sauce smoked paprika, a touch of cayenne pepper and some garlic, it should kick a little.

Serve these bad boys with some tasty aioli and enjoy.

Chorizo Straight Up

straight up chorizo

There is a lot that you can do with chorizo for tapas plates but I prefer to just chop it into slices and serve it straight up.

The chorizo is very oily so make sure that you serve it with some fresh bread, which will absorb the oil and make the sausage that little bit easier, and tastier to enjoy.

If you wish you could also serve the chorizo with some warm manchego cheese, the two really complement each other.

Which dish do you like the sound of most?