The 24 Best Kitchen Tools for Healthy Cooking

The 24 Best Kitchen Tools for Healthy Cooking The 24 Best Kitchen Tools for Healthy Cooking

Did you know that 82% of the meals that Americans eat are made at home? If you love to be in the kitchen and are looking to make healthy eating a breeze, you are in the right place. We have put together this list of the best kitchen tools to add to your kitchen collection.

Keep reading to not miss out on any of these helpful and unique kitchen gadgets.

1. Air Fryer

If you are a french fry and fried chicken fan but do not love the fact that they are fried in oil, then an air fryer is a must-have on your kitchen gadget list. Instead of completely cutting fried food out of your life this will allow you to enjoy your favorite fried dishes with 75% less fat.

2. Salad Cutter Bowl

Salads full of veggies are a perfect way to eat healthier. Buying whole heads of lettuce is usually less expensive but cutting them down to smaller pieces is not always fun or easy.

With a salad cutter bowl, you have slots that will make it easier to slide your knife through and chop everything up. Say hello to perfectly sliced pieces and goodbye to chunky salad clumps.

3. Special Butter

If you currently take supplements you can cook with a special butter to help you create some tasty edibles. Magical Brands gives you the ability to infuse butter, tinctures, and oils, right from your kitchen.

They also have a kit if you want to make infused gummies, chocolates, chewable, hard candies, or pet treats. This means that you will feel the effects for a longer period of time because it has to go through your digestive system.

4. Vitamix Blender

This is the perfect blender to make your healthy meals in one place. You can use the Vitamix blender to make smoothies, pesto, hummus, salad dressings, and soups, just to name a few. The motor is so strong it can blend pretty much any texture that you need.

Although these blenders are on the more expensive side, people always give them great reviews because they are powerful and reliable.

5. Salad Spinner

We can all agree that washing your leafy greens is sometimes awkward and annoying. This is why many people choose overpriced bagged salads to avoid having to wash their lettuce. With a salad spinner, you can not only wash your lettuce, but you can also clean it and dry it all from this one gadget.

This will save you plenty of time when you are making your salads and you won’t have to waste any time patting everything dry by hand.

6. Basting Brushes

When you have a recipe that calls for oil or butter, a basting brush will ensure that you don’t overdo it and apply too much to your food. Basting brushes are also great to add spices to your food and herbs.

You can avoid cross-contamination by getting a few different colors and designating them to veggies, raw meats, fruits, etc.

7. Food Processor

If you are tired of chopping hard roots by hand, then a food processor is a great tool to add to your kitchen. This will take all the manual effort out of the equation. You can also use a food processor in many different recipes including certain sweet treats.

You can make your own bread crumbs, pesto, hummus, banana ice cream, energy bites, nut butter, and much more. You can also use it to chop or shred your produce as needed.

8. Yogurt Maker

Most people do not realize that they can make their own yogurt at home. Yogurts are full of calcium, probiotics, and protein and have plenty of health benefits. Unfortunately, many companies add a ton of extra sugar defeating the purpose of a healthy snack.

The best way to not have too much sugar in your yogurt is to make it at home with your own yogurt maker. All you have to do is mix your favorite milk choice, fresh fruit, and a probiotic starter.

With this gadget, you can have fresh home-made yogurt in as little as six hours and have snacks for later.

9. Vegetable Slicer


If you love fresh veggie noodles then a vegetable slicer is perfect for you. You can turn boring veggies and fruits into curly toppings, healthy garnishes, and noodles. Zoodles and veggie noodles are an easy way to integrate veggies into your favorite dishes.

Although you can buy pre-spiralized zoodles in the supermarket you can save plenty of money doing it yourself at home.

10. Baking Mats

If you love baking healthy treats, then you want to invest in silicone baking mats. This will save you from scrubbing baking pans and having to use a ton of butter to keep your food from sticking. You can eliminate cooking oil sprays and having super greasy backed goods.

These mats can also be used inside your dishwasher, freezer, and microwave without a problem.

11. Herb Scissors

Adding flavor to your meals can easily be done with herbs you grow in your own home. This is a much better alternative than adding a ton of salt to every meal. You can use a pair of herb scissors to cut up fresh herbs instead of taking extra time chopping them with a kitchen knife.

The great thing is that you don’t have to worry that they will be ripped or crushed. You will have fresh herbs without losing any flavor.

12. Pineapple Corer

Instead of eating cookies when you are craving a sweet snack, you can have pineapple ready to go. You can use a pineapple corer to make it easier to cut it and it will also make it less messy.

Slicing pineapples is never fun because it has sharp leaves, an awkward shape, and a hard core in the middle. This makes cutting pineapples a bit tricky to slice and serve.

13. Avocado Slicer

Avocados are another fruit that is not always fun to cut open. Having an avocado slicer will encourage you to eat more avocados and might also make it more fun to make healthier homemade dips such as guacamole.

Use your slicer to slice avocados for sandwiches, salads, scrambles eggs, etc. The slicer has a blade to slice the skin, plastic blades to evenly slice it into pieces, and a pitter to remove the pit.

14. Frozen Dessert Maker

This is another great gadget to have when you are battling a sweet tooth kind of day. You can use your fresh fruit and make delicious frozen treats in a breeze. This kitchen gadget is so easy to use that all you need is to put in your favorite frozen fruit or veggies and any other add-ins.

Wait twenty minutes and you will have your very own homemade “ice cream” to help curb that sweet tooth. You can have fun and get creative with this dessert maker, try kale and cherry fro-yo or bananas and walnuts. Your options are truly endless.

15. Popsicle Molds


With summer months upon us, who doesn’t enjoy a frozen treat? Investing in a few popsicle molds will make it easy for you to make your favorite smoothies and pour it into the molds before freezing them.

Your options are endless with this as well, you can mix some almond milk with fresh fruit or almond milk with almond butter, etc, pour, freeze, and enjoy.

16. Vegetable Steamer

Steamed veggies have much fewer calories than fried veggies and less fat as well. If you are looking to lose some belly fat then you want your very own vegetable steamer to steam not only veggies but fish, shellfish, and chicken as well.

17. BluApple

It is so frustrating to buy fruit and veggies to have them spoil and end up throwing them away before you can enjoy them. You can save money and enjoy your fruits and veggies longer with a BluApple.

This is a gadget that looks like an apple and it is the color blue. It absorbs ethylene gas that is in your fridge which is responsible for rotting your berries and your apples.

18. Mason Jars

Mason jars are perfect to make some overnight oats, salad jars to-go, and omelets in a jar. These will come in super handy especially if you have a tight schedule. You can always have healthy food options ready to go, to keep you from eating frozen dinners or fast food junk.

19. Herb Keeper

Every meal with fresh herbs is much tastier. The problem is that popular herbs like basil, thyme, and rosemary go bad quickly. If you want to stop wasting your money because you keep having to throw away your herbs before you are done using them, then an herb keeper will save you money and will save your herbs.

This keeper allows the stems on the plant to draw in moisture from the bottom and extend their life by up to two weeks. If you love asparagus, you can use this to save your asparagus too.

20. Cast Irons


With regular pans and pots, you are probably adding a ton of extra calories to your meal with all of the butter and oil you are adding to keep your food from sticking. Buying cast iron cookware will cut excess fat from your food and the pans will also last you for years to come.

Keep in mind that while nonstick cookware has the same effect, the Environmental Protection Agency does not know the long-term effects of the chemicals found in nonstick pans.

21. Tabletop Garden

There is nothing like growing your own herbs and tomatoes from the comfort of your table. Even if you live in a tiny home or apartment you can still have your own tomatoes, basil, mint, lettuce, etc to cook with.

There are some tabletop gardens that take less room than a microwave and they have their own growing lights so you don’t have to worry about putting it in front of a window.

22. Digital Steamer

Investing in a digital steamer will allow you to steam eggs, fish, lobster, and even rice with only the push of a button. The great thing is that it does it in a breeze and without much effort on your part.

Say goodbye to frying and hello to steaming.

23. Juice Extractor

Making your own morning juice is much better than buying a bottle of juice from concentrate at the store. This will eliminate sugar and additional flavors that will make your apple and orange juice less healthy.

You can make your own fresh juice every morning and even add some greens if you want.

24. Egg Cooker

Having hard-boiled eggs ready to go will save you from reaching for an unhealthy snack. Eggs are full of protein and they do not cost you too much money to make yourself at home.

With an egg cooker, you can make several at the same time and have them ready to go in the fridge.  Having the best egg cooker in your kitchen will take the guesswork out of boiling eggs and will make them perfect every time.


Which Are Your Favorite Best Kitchen Tools?

Now that you are familiar with the best kitchen tools out in the market, which ones will you choose? There are many benefits to eating healthy so why not make it fun and easier while you’re at it?

Having these tools handy will help you feel more prepared when you enter your kitchen and will keep you from hitting the closest fast food store.

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