Best Small Kitchen Appliances for College Student Apartments

Best Small Kitchen Appliances for College Student Apartments Best Small Kitchen Appliances for College Student Apartments

Life as a college student is the first adult experience for a teenager. Most likely, your child has never lived on his own.

A teen will have to stand up for himself against piles of dirty washing, a stack of dishes, cooking, and other challenges of adulthood.

He will have to learn how to deal with roommates, pay for essays and bills, and, basically, live without parents.

Aside from this, due to the overwhelming nature of studying, your kid will have to order writing help from online services after finding some proof to their legitimacy, which may be an Essay Shark review, or WritingCheap testimonials.

An apartment is a real training center for the youth. It’s easier when they have everything that can simplify their lives.

Today, we are going to review a list of the best small kitchen appliances for a college student.

In addition to this, we offer you tips on how to get ready for living independently.

How to Get Ready For Moving In an Apartment or Dorm?

ready for moving in an apartment

If you want to live with pleasure and not just simply eat to survive, you have to learn how to cook.

Knowing how to make a sandwich and fried eggs is an excellent skill, but it would be awesome to learn how to cook more nutritious dishes;

You have to learn how to step out of your comfort zone.

Thousands of new people will be surrounding you and it’s vital to know how to build a mutual understanding and good relations.

Summer camps, volunteering, social projects are excellent practical tasks that can help you enhance these skills;

Don’t underestimate the ability to keep things clean and organized.

When everything is in the order it’s easier to grab all the books and necessary stuff and not to spend precious seconds looking for them.

Forget that a chair can be a closet and start keeping everything in order;

Develop an ability to plan everything: starting from your budget to a list of kitchen appliances you have to buy.

This skill will help you to save time and money;

Essential Small Kitchen Appliances for a College Apartment

small kitchen appliances

Keeping your room cozy and cute is great. But let’s be honest, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the apartment.

Before you move in, you have to clarify what does an apartment offer.

In case you are moving with a roommate, discuss with him or her the possibility of purchasing some appliances together.

There is no need to buy anything extra branded and expensive.

Most likely, you will throw it away or sell as soon as you graduate.

You can think of more sophisticated kitchen appliances once you have your own apartment.

Mini Refrigerator

If you have little space and don’t have any room for a full-size refrigerator, a compact fridge is a life-saver.

You can put it even under the table in your room. Walmart offers a diversity of small models at a price starting at $45.

You can also find great options at Target and Amazon.

Don’t neglect to buy second-hand mini-refrigerators. It’s an excellent variant if you are on a budget.


mini microwave in students apartment

A mini-microwave is almost like a traditional microwave. It only differs in its size, capacity, and energy consumption.

There are two types of mini-microwaves. They can be classical with the only function of warming up the food.

The other type is capable of cooking on a grill, baking, and defreezing in addition to the traditional function.

Forbes compiled a list of wonderful small microwaves that can fin in the tiniest kitchen.

Instant Pot Multi-Cooker

That’s a real time- and life-saver! An instant pot multi-cooker can make breakfast for you while you are still sleeping.

It’s a perfect choice for a student who doesn’t want to waste time cooking in the morning or after classes.

Just put all the ingredients in the pot, set the timing and mode, and you will get a delicious hot dinner ready just when you need it.

This device can replace an oven. On Amazon, you can find them starting at $60.

Electric Kettle

An electric kettle has two main advantages. First of all, you don’t need a stove. Second of all, it turns off automatically once the water is heated.

You can even consider buying a smart electric kettle that you can control from your smartphone.


mini blender for students apartment

It’s essential for a student to drink lots of healthy beverages like smoothies or special cocktails with protein or other nutritional supplements.

A mini-blender is a tiny device that can help you cook a healthy snack or breakfast.


What do students lack the most? We all know that college students often don’t sleep much and need a boaster to wake up in the morning.

A small coffee maker is a great alternative to coffee machines.

Your personal coffee pot in a room is also a wonderful chance to save money on buying coffee-to-go on the campus.

There are various models that can fit any budget and taste.

Countertop Dishwasher

A college student sometimes doesn’t have time to eat, leave alone washing the dishes.

A mini countertop dishwasher can become a wonderful investment for those who hate cleaning up.

Don’t wait till your roommate curses you and cleans the dishes after you.

Consider buying a second-hand dishwasher to save your time and nerves.



Smart devices and technologies are wonderful. However, you will still need flatware and cutlery.

Consider purchasing flatware made of stainless steel. Don’t buy too many objects.

Write down a list of the essentials you may require: a set for two guests is enough.

Besides, don’t forget to add some additional helpers to your cart: spatulas, utensil sets, can openers, etc.

Plates and Dishes

At this point, it’s important not to get mad. It’s not a problem for boys.

Girls, however, tend to get too excited and purchase lots of beautiful plates, bowls, pots, teacups, etc.

In reality, you just need one piece for everything. Consider buying several containers for storing food or taking it with you for lunch.

A thermos cup is a must. Don’t buy anything too expensive. In a tiny apartment, you can easily break design plates or cups.

Moving to an apartment or a dorm is a new page of your life. But the devil is not as black as he is painted.

There are plenty of useful appliances on the market that can simplify your life.