5 Delicious DIY Baby Food Recipes to Help You Save Money

Baby food recipes 5 Delicious DIY Baby Food Recipes to Help You Save Money janeskitchenmiracles.com

It’s time to buy food for your baby.  You grab your shopping cart and put a bunch of flavors in that you think your little one would like. Your total comes up to over 40 dollars.

You could have saved a little bit of money if you’d made your own baby food at home. It’s not hard to do and you can make it in bulk and keep it for a month or so. You also get a little more control over what goes in your baby’s body.

To help you DIY baby food that your little one won’t throw in your face, here are a few delicious recipes.

1. Butternut Squash Puree

butternut squash puree

Go ahead and preheat your oven to 425 degrees F. While it’s heating up you’re going to trim and wash your butternut squash. Take a knife and cut them in half longways.

You’ll then scrape out the seeds because you don’t want your baby to accidentally eat one right? Once they’re seedless, you’ll put them face down on a baking sheet and roast them until you can easily puncture them with a fork. Spoon them into a food processor and puree.

2. Apple Puree

Get four apples of your choice and peel and cut them into chunks. Boil a pot of water on the stove and place a steamer basket over the pot. Steam the apples until they are soft.

Let the apples cool for a bit before you puree them in the food processor. Store them in the fridge/freezer or serve it right it away.

Either way, it’s like a delicious fruit smoothy that you get from frozen drink machines but for your baby.

3. Beef and Broccoli

Beef and broccoli

This is a good recipe if you want to give your baby something a bit more savory.

Bring 3/4 cups of beef broth to a boil in a saucepan.

After that, you’ll cut up 1/2 pound of strip stakes and add them to the pot along with 3 cups of broccoli.

Cook until the beef and florets are both tender and then mix them in the food processor.

4. Peach Puree

Peach puree

This one is made similarly to the apple puree. You’ll peel and chop up the peaches into chunks. Then, boil water on the stove and place a steamer basket over it.

Steam the peaches until they are soft and then put them in a food processor.

You can put it in containers to refrigerate or freeze. If you want to serve it right away that’s fine but make sure the food has cooled down.

5. Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

This one takes very little work. Defrost the peas in water according to package directions.

Drain all but a few tablespoons of the water and transfer it all to a food processor to mix.

You may have to add a bit more water to stop it from being too thick.

Delicious DIY Baby Food Recipies Your Little One Will Love

You may be able to save a bit of money by making DIY baby food at home.

You’ll also get the chance to control what’s going in your little one’s body. Use these recipes to make mealtime something your baby looks forward to.

Your baby isn’t the only one that deserves a better mealtime. Visit our blog for recipes that you can enjoy too.