Tips to Avoid Back Pain While in the Kitchen

Tips to Avoid Back Pain While in the Kitchen Tips to Avoid Back Pain While in the Kitchen

Spending time in the kitchen involves standing, bending, and constant activities. The body is bound to take a hit from long hours of standing. While it feels great to cook, bake, and clean for your family, it is easy to develop back pain. You want to do all of these things for your family, but also look after your health. The good news is that you can maintain your kitchen routine without putting much strain on your back.

Wear quality shoes

Sometimes the shoes you wear in the kitchen may contribute to your back pain. Most shoes don’t have a proper arch to support your back. Walking around the kitchen barefooted is also not advisable. It causes more harm than good. You might even spill hot beverages or food on your feet. Whenever you are in the kitchen, ensure that you wear good shoes with a supportive arch and this may save you from unwanted back pain.

Proper posture

Whether you are sitting, bending, or standing, bad posture is associated with back pain. Hunching over a mixing bowl regularly can bring about back pain. Practice good posture when doing any activity on your kitchen counter. An upright position with shoulders back can save you from back pain.

Work close to the counter

You should stand close to the kitchen counter whenever you’re doing anything. When you are far away, you’ll either hunch forward or bend, and this is likely to put an extra strain on your back. That said, ensure that you keep your food close to you on the counter. If you are wiping glasses, do the same.

Take a break

When you are preparing several dishes, you are likely to spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. You should step aside and stretch to ease the strain on your body. Breaks are great for your muscles. They help you to relax your muscles as well as loosen your joints. Doing that will help you steer clear from muscle soreness that leads to back pain.

Speaking of breaks, you can use the breaks to do a few workouts like press-ups and squats to keep your body fit and flexible, which can prevent back pain. Besides working out, you can check out steroids from the Musclesfax experts that you can use to supplement your exercises. This will enable you to have a healthy and fit body.

Exercise caution when lifting heavy objects

You might drop something in the kitchen and be forced to move your stove or fridge to get it. Always employ a proper technique when moving your oven, twisting, or even bending for any reason. Bad technique can injure your back or spine.

Sit whenever you can

While most kitchen tasks demand that you stand, there are some that you can do when sitting. These include chopping and peeling vegetables.

You don’t have to measure out your various ingredients when standing. A sitting position will come in handy when doing any of these things. Moreover, it might save your back muscles from pain and exhaustion.

Do you have back pain and wonder where it is coming from? It could be that you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. With that said, think about all of the activities you do in your kitchen and change how you do them. Use the tips listed above to avoid dealing with unnecessary back pain.