Aussie Wines to Watch out for in 2020

Aussie Wines to Watch out for in 2020 Aussie Wines to Watch out for in 2020

Wine is one of the most popular beverages in the market today. Not only is it used for celebrations, for food pairings, but it can also be used for cooking too.

In Australia, the demand for wine domestically has been projected to increase and is expected to hit 4.51 billion Australian dollars by the year 2023.

Aside from restaurants, wines are bought by individuals to pair with their meals or for celebratory purposes.

Wine connoisseurs, on the other hand, prefer to preserve them using proper wine storage techniques in order to maintain their quality.

That said, this year, we have seen several interesting trends when it comes to wines are sure to continue throughout 2020.

Timeless Classic Wines

timeless classic wine

Classic wines like Pinot Noir, Cabernet, and others will never go out of style it seems.

Reds and white wines like Chardonnay will still be a staple in many restaurants’ menus because of how they complement their meals.

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Alternative Packaged Wines

canned wines

There is a demand for alternative packaged wines recently because of the convenience that they offer.

You’ve probably seen boxed and bagged wines in the market today which made bringing wine while traveling easier.

Aside from these, another rising trend lately is the canned wine.

Easily quaffable and fruity flavored, the quality of canned wine is suitable for casual drinkers who are not that fussy with their drink.

Packaged in artsy cans, this type of wine will surely be a hit for beach-goers who want to make their trip more sophisticated.

Low Alcohol Wines

Millennials are carving their own niche in the wine industry with their choice of low alcohol wines.

There are wines low in calories and alcohol content which are being enjoyed.

However, removing most, if not all the alcohol content in wine still needs to be perfected because it affects the flavor of the beverage.

Wine connoisseurs recommend unadulterated wines since they are typically low in alcohol content.

Wines Made Holistically

wines made holistically

Wine drinkers are also considering the sustainable practices of the winemaker as a factor when buying wine.

Fortunately, established winemakers know the importance of sustainability and only use grapes that are organically sourced.

This allows them to create rich and robust flavors based on the grape varietals that they get from their own or local vineyards just like with Grenache, which is sure to be a popular choice in the coming year.

Wine will never go out of style and we will be seeing more wine options on the market soon.

From classic wines, to alternative packaged ones, to low alcohol wines, the wine trends in 2020 will be something to look forward to for sure.