Creating the Perfect Spot for Al Fresco Meals at Home

Eating al fresco at home Creating the Perfect Spot for Al Fresco Meals at Home

It’s official – spending time in nature has powerful health benefits- according to a recent study by researchers at the University of Anglia.

Being outside while reading, bonding with family, or simply catching a few rays is a powerful way to battle stress and other conditions so if you have a spacious garden our terrace, make the most of it by creating the perfect al fresco dining spot.

From creating a stylish barbecue island to installing an electric pergola, you can easily turn the Great Outdoors into the most frequented space for your family and your house guests – and the ideal spot for an all-American barbecue.

Food is at the Heart of the Matter

Nothing beats a hearty outdoor barbecue in the spring, summer, and any other time of the year that is sunny.

You can keep it simple and bring out your grill when throwing a barbecue, but if this is one of your favorite cooking methods, then an outdoor shaded barbecue island is ideal.

A dedicated island will permit you to include more than one grill in your space, so you can prepare large meals for a big party. Pop a few stylish stools around the island and you probably won’t be a lonely chef while preparing grilled temptations for your guests.

Outdoor Paving

If you don’t have a garden but you do have a large patio or terrace you are in the mood to revamp, paving will add a slick, contemporary look that will increase the appeal of the outdoors.

Floor tiles with natural wood effects are gracing many modern homes, in hues ranging from dark wood to light grey and even white.

It is vital to rely on water-proof paving, and to ensure any overhead guttering is clear of blockages, to stop water from damaging your outdoor furniture and décor pieces.

Paving itself can cost a couple of thousand dollars or more, so protecting your investment against the elements is key.

An electric pergola is ideal for this purpose. Some modern pergolas contain individual panels that can move up to 360º.

This enables you to let in a very precise amount of sunlight or to close the pergola altogether in the event of rain. A more affordable but still beautiful option is a remote control sun shade, which can also be programmed into various positions.

The Power of Green

Whether your outdoor dining spot is situated in the garden or the terrace, let the beauty of nature abound through the presence of plants.

If you have a paved area, place contemporary plant holders and pots in strategic places.

Forget about standard pots and go for something different – perhaps square wooden plant holders, oversized pots in gray or black, and even designer benches with a central space for a flower garden.

Some homeowners are taking advantage of even the tiniest space available by growing plants in aeroponic vertical towers, which are as pleasant to behold as they are practical and sustainable.

Décor Touches that Speak Volumes

Outdoor terraces that are surrounded by gardens or foliage somehow blend beautifully with Balinese furnishings.

However, a blend of styles works well to create a warm contemporary look. Think low lying sofas on dark wood, blended with lighter wood or natural stone flooring, teak pouffes, tables, or chairs, and designer pendant lighting.

A protected al fresco space can also contain art, so even if you favor minimalistic designs, a large-scale abstract impressionistic type work will work beautifully alongside plain white or light-hued furniture.

Small touches like candles surrounding an outdoor stone path, or candle-lit lanterns placed on steps leading down to your garden will add a romantic, stylish air that will immediately set the mood.

Human beings are increasingly yearning to make the most of the healing effects of nature. Terraces with a view of beautifully manicured gardens are the perfect spot to unwind with family and friends when the weather permits.

To encourage more time outdoors, investing in creating appealing spaces that combine comfort and style is key.

From large scale renovations of floors and investment in designer pieces right through to small changes in décor, you can slowly build your way towards making ‘outside’ one of your home’s most appealing spaces.