10 Tips for Smart Grocery Shopping

GROCERY SHOPPING 10 Tips for Smart Grocery Shopping janeskitchenmiracles.com

Grocery shopping is easily one of the most stressful chores that we all must face each and every week. However, if you know the best tips to get you through each shopping trip, you will find yourself far better prepared and equipped to make each grocery shopping venture a seamless experience. Here, we will be sharing all of the best tips for smart grocery shopping to save you a ton of time, energy and most importantly… money!

Smart Grocery Shopping

Make a List 

While is may seem like a super generalized tip, one may be quite surprised as to how few people actually head to the grocery store without a grocery shopping list in hand. Not only does the planning and preparing by way of implementing a shopping list save you a ton of time, but it also helps to save you a ton of money as well. Think about your lunch recipes or dinner and prepare the list.

Smart Grocery Shopping

Organize Your List 

When It comes to creating a list to help save you, even more, time, be sure to break down your list by sections. For example, list your produce items together, your frozen items, your meats for the refrigerator, and your canned goods. And, depending on how well you know your local grocery store you can even better be able to pinpoint the exact location of the items based upon the aisle or are that they are in as well.

Shop at the Right Time 

While this may come easier to some than others, there are specific times of day that are significantly better than others to shop during. For instance, very early in the morning (before you and everyone else has gone to work) and very late at night (after everyone has begun to settle in for the evening). Crowds at grocery stores spike during lunchtime, and also right after work before everyone heads home for the day. Shopping at the right time can save you a ton of time and stress.

Smart Grocery Shopping

Shop on the Right Day 

Just as shopping at the right time of day can save you a ton of time, as can shopping on the right day of the week. A general rule of thumb is too plain and simply avoid shopping on the weekends when virtually everyone is destined to be out and about. Financially speaking, the best day of the week to go shopping is Wednesday as this is the day when grocery stores begin their weekly discount and coupon programs. It is also the day when most stores honor coupons from the previous week, which provides shoppers with a double discount.

There’s an App for That 

Seriously, though! There are not only kitchen appliances apps to help you buy microwaves. If you live in an area where you have multiple grocery stores to choose from, you may want to install an app on your phone that allows you to find all of the best deals on the items that you are looking for. Do not feel pressured to have to hit every single store though as you will end up basically breaking even with the amount of gas that you will end up using. Simply browse through the deals and select the store that has the best deals on the main items that you are shopping for!

Smart Grocery Shopping

Go Old School 

There is a reason that your mother and grandmother spent all that time clipping coupons: it works! Clipping coupons (or doing the modern way of printing them or signing up for them via email or app) can help you save a ton of money on groceries.

Ask Around 

Word of mouth is always huge. Not sure where to shop for the best deals? Go to your most reliable sources: your friends and family! If you find two or more people who agree on the savings of a store, you can pretty much guarantee that you have found the right grocery store!

Pay in Cash 

When you set a strict budget for yourself and only carry that set amount for your groceries, you will be far less likely to splurge and overspend on items that you just do not even need! When you carelessly load up your cart thinking that you can quickly and easily grab whatever you want simply because there is money in your account and you have your card or checkbook, you are far more likely to spend a ton of extra money that you more than likely be putting to a far better use.

Smart Grocery Shopping

Go Vegetarian 

Many may quickly shun this tip, but give it a try for one week. You will be shell-shocked as to the amount of money you spend on meat each week, and how much you can actually end up saving when you end up stocking up on more fruits, veggies, and beans! Not to mention the fact that your body will thank you for it! Switch to healthy eating!

Smart Grocery Shopping

Buy Store Brand 

Now, I am certainly not saying that you have to switch all of your favorite products over to the bargain store brands (by all means, keep your favorite toilet paper!), but the vast majority of store brand products are equally as good as their more expensively labeled counterparts. Be sure to take the time to compare ingredients and start enjoying the savings!
There are so many ways that you can take part in smart shopping. And once you do, not only will you be entirely surprised and excited about your monthly and weekly savings, but you will also begin to find yourself getting more and more eager about other ways that you can take advantage of smarter shopping options. Another great tip is to get the family involved as well on your next shopping adventure! Challenge your kids to find the lowest deals on boxes of their favorite cereal, ask you, husband, to have a glass of wine and clip coupons with you.

Smart savings does not have to be a challenge, make it fun and start taking advantage of all of the fun, easy ways that you can save a ton of time, money and stress on your next shopping venture!