10 Amazing Healthy Foods for Kids

10 Amazing Healthy Foods for Kids 10 Amazing Healthy Foods for Kids janeskitchenmiracles.com

We live in a world that is full of sugar-laced foods. There is literally an overabundance of sugar in virtually each and everything that we buy at our local grocery store unless you make your selections wisely. And, if you have a family on the go, your choices are even more narrow as once again, those delicious snacks that may claim to be nutritious are once again, loaded with harmful sugars. There is, of course, one sure-fire way to combat against the incessant overload of sugary foods. Treat your children with the best healthy foods for kids that they will love to snack on.

healthy foods for kids

Fill Them Up: When it comes to meal time, where the majority of their daily nutritional values should come, be sure that you are filling your child up. When they say are full, make sure that they really are. Press them for three more bites of their fruits or veggies or protein, before dismissing them from the table. Even ask them to take extra sips of water in between bites. You may annoy your kids, but you are helping them to not only fill their bodies with foods that will keep them satiated for extended periods (which means less sugary snacks in between meals!) and also assisting them to develop better overall eating habits in the long run.

Make Food Fun: Kids have the tendency to get bored with their foods, or not feel to up to eating it if something does not look appealing to their young eyes. Get inspired with their snacks by making them colorful and fun. A great tip is to look into making your own trail mixes, which is super easy to do, full of nutritious snacks and also easy to pack on the go.

healthy foods for kids

No-Bake Balls: You can even opt to make your own nutritional no bake “balls” which are all the craze as they are incredibly easy to do and require no baking. Plus, you can add in different healthy powders or seeds that blend right into the mix and add virtually no taste that may turn your kids against them. Easy to great, easy to eat, loaded with goodness.

Make Healthy Snacks Available: While you may stock your fridge with all the carrots, celery, apples and oranges that your kids could possibly want or need, if these items are not readily available to the grabbing, your kids are not going to go after them. Take the extra time to take those giant carrots and peel them and slice them into sticks for your kids. Maybe pre-wash the celery, add some peanut butter and raisins and you have ants on the log.

Or take time to pre-wash or peel apples and carrots and slice them up for your kids to grab. These are all things that your little ones are either not yet capable of doing or may just not want too, which leads them to grabbing for those fruit snacks in the cabinet instead. If they open the fridge and see that they can just grab some apple or orange slices, they are going to!

healthy foods for kids

Dry Fruits and Veggies: Dried fruits and vegetables are easily some of the quickest treats that you can inspire your kid’s to reach for. Easy to make and easy to store, you can pack them in lunches, as an after school snack or perfect before or after sports practices. Invest in a dehydrator or find them at your local health food store.

Stock Up on Nuts: Nuts are loaded with protein of which your children greatly need to help their bodies grow and stay healthy… as well as stay fuller for longer periods of time. They are cheap to purchase and perfect for kids to reach for throughout the day. Just be weary of nuts for younger children as they can pose a choking risk.

healthy foods for kids

Make Your Own Chips: If your family loves to reach for chips, feel free to make your own! Slice your own potatoes or sweet potatoes, season lightly with a little olive oil and sea salt and bake on a low setting until crunchy. You can even make your own kale chips in a similar manner for a nutritional overload of healthy goodness!

Avoid Sugary Drinks: Another important tip is to avoid sugary drinks. They are heavily loaded with sugars and even the best fruit juices are packed with them. Instead of sugary drinks and juices, opt for water with fresh fruits such as orange, lime, lemon, even watermelon for a delicious treat that is super healthy for them and of course free of harmful sugars.

Fruit Bowls: If you love purchasing those sugary fruit cups for your kids for the simple convenience, you are most certainly not alone. These are one of the most top purchased items of parents for both lunches and after-school snacks.  And interestingly, so few parents actually take the time to make these super simple treats that helps to keep kids energized (in a good way) and far more satiated for extended periods of time. There are also a number of ways to make them.

For instance, you can add grapes, strawberries, and apples plain… or mix it up a bit by tossing in some kiwi or mango with your child’s other favorite fruits and some Greek yogurt and granola. Super filling and super healthy, and best of all, free of the sugary syrup that is in those pre-made cups.

healthy foods for kids

Smoothies: Smoothies are yet another delicious treat that kids will love that is loaded with healthy goodness, sans the sugar! Toss in your favorite fruits, even veggies like kale and carrots (don’t worry, the sweetness of the fruit will overload the taste of the veggies, your kids will not even notice), mix with ice and water or green tea (most fruit juices are packed with sugar, the fruit will provide all of the sweetness your child will need or desire), and pour in a small cup.

Perfect for an on the go treat or even a delicious breakfast. You can even hit your local health food store to opt to purchase some incredibly nutritious powders to up the added benefits of the smoothie itself.

healthy foods for kids

There are a number of ways to create amazing, healthy foods for kids to ensure that your child is receiving all of the nutrition that they require to keep their bodies healthy and active, and of course free of the harmful sugars that they are faced with each and every single day.

Get inspired with your child’s food. We live in such a fast-paced, stress-filled society that it all too often becomes easier to grab the quickest “healthiest” sounding treat at the store and fail to look at the nutritional values of what is actually in the item itself.

Take care in what you are filling your child’s body with and take that extra time to ensure that what their body is receiving will help them to grow, instead of making them sick and lethargic. The more you care, the healthier your child will be and the better they will feel in the long run. Not to mention the fact that you as well are teaching them life-long lessons in how to care for themselves as well.