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best refrigerators

Technology is making its way into every aspect of our everyday lives, making it difficult for us to choose between devices because of the infinite options we have, especially from the best refrigerators available.

When it comes to refrigerators, it is not the same as it was twenty years ago. Now, we don’t only choose a refrigerator that can freeze our food and our water, we want a refrigerator who matches with our kitchen appearance and which offers the best features in order the get the best from it.

But with millions of opportunities in the market to buy a refrigerator, we will need help if we want to choose the right option for us, that’s why we have this article about refrigerator reviews in which we’re going to talk about what makes a top rated refrigerator and which are the best refrigerator brands, so you can be clearer and surer at the moment of your choosing.

Our Top 3 Picks

Frigidaire FFFH21F4QT
  • Frigidaire FFFH21F4QT
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Extremely spacious
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Haier HC40SG42SB
  • Haier HC40SG42SB
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Can disposal feature
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Avanti RA7316PST
  • Avanti RA7316PST
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Little energy consumption
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Types of Refrigerators – Which One Will Be The Best Fridge For You?

Refrigerators have a variety of models and types, some can help you have more space and some have more potency or just a bigger freezer. It is up to you to choose the one that best fits you as all of them have different uses but all depends on the user and his necessities.

  • Top Freezer: These are the traditional fridges we all know. They tend to have a lot of storage in the bottom part, which is the fridge and offer a little space in the top as a freezer. They are typically 30-inches wide and can storage lots of products inside, but all depends on the brand.
  • Bottom Freezer: They are often less spacious than the top freezer type, however, it all depends on the model and brand. The main difference from other fridges is that these devices have the freezer on the bottom of the machine that could make it easier to see inside it.
  • French Doors: This type is a little like the bottom freezer, the only difference is that these ones tend to have double doors, with two storages on each side. These refrigerators tend to have a lot of more space than the previous ones and sometimes offer water and ice dispensers on their doors.
  • Side-By-Side: This kind of refrigerator also has two doors, with the fridge on one side and the freezer on the other. It is very typical that the freezer side is almost always smaller; however, this can be a problem if the user is thinking of storing big items. These are not too energy efficient and their space is not that good either.
  • Built-In: These are often very big and spacious, with lots of cabinets, counters and different features that can vary from model and brand. Can be French doors or even have 4 doors, almost always really big appliances with up to 25 cubic feet capacity and different kind of freezers.
  • Mini or Compact: These can be the perfect companion on small houses or dorm rooms, can work on offices and are often used in hotel rooms. They work best as optional fridges more than everyday ones, as these can have temperature problems and generate bacteria inside. They are always less than half of a regular refrigerator and only some models have a freezer that tends to be really small.

Best Brands of Refrigerators by Type

best refrigerators

When you’re looking for a refrigerator to fit with your necessities and desires, it is always a good action to compare refrigerators brands. This would help you in choosing the best brand for you, the one which offers the best features from storage capacity, temperature control and efficiency.

However, it is not an easy task to choose the perfect refrigerator, that’s why we had taken our time to take a look at the best brands and point out what the best feature of every refrigerator is by its type and reliability.

It is always important to know that everything depends on the model, some brands have great top-freezers and others don’t do well with top-freezers but are the best on compact or French door refrigerators. This is why it is so important to have a refrigerator comparison by brand and top refrigerators on the market, in order to help you further with your refrigerator choice.

  • Best French-Door Refrigerator Brands

This is one of the most common and popular refrigerator types. The best brands from this type of refrigerator are KitchenAid, Whirlpool and Maytag, Kenmore and even Samsung. However, the brand that steals the show on this type of refrigerator is the GE, with its GE Profile PYE22KSKSS which is one of the best fridges to buy for its price and features.

  • Best Side-by-Sides Refrigerator Brands

Around 15% of people who buy refrigerators, tend to choose this type of refrigerators thanks to the greater storage space and the really ample vertical freezer. However, this type of refrigerator didn’t turn up to have the best brand, but one of the best refrigerators of this type could be the Whirlpool WRS321CDBM, which great features make it a really nice choice for people in search of reliable refrigerators.

  • Best Top-Freezers Refrigerator Brands

This type of refrigerator tends to be one of the most used by customers, however, with a very simple and traditional style plus features that are not really innovative, these are lowering their sales. Even so, that doesn’t mean that these refrigerators don’t offer top-notch quality and great features. That’s why we have chosen the best of its kind, and the top refrigerators of this type would be the Avanti RA7316PST which is an Apartment-Size refrigerator with cutting-edge technology, and the Danby DFF100C1BSLDB which offers the best Top-Freezer features on the market and it’s really energy efficient.

  • Best Bottom-Freezers Refrigerator Brands

These kind of refrigerator are one of the most used by customers around the world, however, they tend to be really simple and sometimes can have little storage capacity. Therefore, these refrigerators are manufactured by great quantities and among the best brands on this kind of fridge we can find the KitchenAid KBLS19KCMS that offers great features and comes for a wonderful price.

  • Best Compact and Mini Refrigerator Brands

When we talk about compact and mini refrigerators, we mean that kind of refrigerator that are specially made for small spaces, however, there are hundreds of models and the best kind come from two brands. These are the Haier HC40SG42SB which offers great features like 4 cubic feet storage space and a small freezer, the other one will be the Frigidaire FFFH21F4QT that is a little bigger than the Haier but doesn’t come with a freezer.

  • Best Built-In Refrigerator Brands

These refrigerators are often used on big kitchens or spaces, these are specially made to storage a big amount of food and items. They have little energy efficient technology but offer great temperature measures and at the same time, keep all food fresh on the fridge and really frozen in the freezer. The best brand for this kind of refrigerator will be the Frigidaire Gallery Series FGRU19F6QF which offer great temperature features and big storage space.

There are a lot of things that are really important at the moment of choosing a refrigerator brand, that’s why we have to make a really smart decision before buying because all of them change by brand and model. That’s why it is always great to make a refrigerator comparison between the best-rated refrigerators and choose the one who performs better.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Fridge – What To Take Into Account

best refrigerators

If you want to buy a new fridge for your home or your workplace, you’ll want to follow and analyze the next features on every refrigerator.

  • Size: The size of a fridge will not only tell you if it fits where you want to use it, it also tells you what kind of door mechanics it has and how much storage space it can have. It is recommended to choose the most complete and spacious appliance, with cubic feet range from 30 to 33 for the biggest just to not fall short on space. This will also tell you if it has enough space to have a great temperature and maintain your items fresh.
  • Freezing Capabilities: This is the amount of time a refrigerator takes to decrease to a -0 degrees Celsius or 32 Degrees Fahrenheit. The faster and better consistency a refrigerator have on this factor, the better chance that it will maintain all your food fresh and in great conditions overall.
  • Temperature Range, Value, and Capabilities: It is always important that a refrigerator can take different measures of temperature. These have to also keep that temperature on during the whole day without any interruption in order to maintain all the food inside the fridge always fresh and consistent.

This is one of the most important features because a refrigerator needs to be able of maintaining a temperature between 37 and 0 Degrees Fahrenheit in order to always stay freeze and fresh. It is Important to take into account that a refrigerator shouldn’t have temperature swings unless it loses its power for a long period of time.

  • Humidity While Working: This factor refers to the amount of freshness and consistency the appliance has while freezing and maintaining the temperature of the whole device. The more humid the refrigerator can stay without exceeding the limits of normal humidity, the better your food will preserve and stay healthy.
  • Energy Efficiency: This refers to the amount of power the appliance uses over time. It is really important to choose a refrigerator that uses a little energy as they are different from other appliances because they are always on, so the less energy they consume, the better.
  • Storage Space: The storage space on a refrigerator means the amount of space and features it has to store more and more stuff. A lot of these products have drawers, shelves, deep storages to save different food, water storage, and just any other kind of storage that a refrigerator could have.

It is important to take a look at this characteristic on every refrigerator, as some of them don’t have the flexibility and effective capacity to hold more than a selected quantity. The storage space is also referred to as effective space, because any space that doesn’t work or helps the user to store food, doesn’t count as storage space.

Also, another important thing to take a look into is, if those shelves, drawers and such can be customizable. It means that if any of those storage features it has inside can be modified for different items and with different accessories, it means that this refrigerator was made exactly to fit anyone’s desires.

The more customizable a refrigerator is, the better, so you can store whatever you want without losing any kind of product.

  • Usability: This refers to the easiness and compatibility the device has with our everyday habits. For example, if the device can have both doors opens and the same time, if the items can be stored in different ways and what can be changed and modified into the fridge.

The easiest a refrigerator is to use, to change, customize or just even clean the more usability it has and the easier it will be for users to choose from.

Every refrigerator is a different device, every brand gives different results and every model has different specifications. That’s why we have to be sure at the moment of our buying and compare refrigerators in order to choose the best for us and the one who will help us more in our everyday lives.

Now that we have explained what the features that everyone should look for are, it is time to show you the best refrigerator reviews from the best refrigerator brands on the market.

Best Refrigerators Reviewed in 2017

1. Frigidaire Upright Freezer

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This refrigerator without a freezer is one of the most spacious refrigerators for its size. It is really spacious efficient and has features like the SpaceWise which make it a really good option for people who are in search of spacious design and less of performance. However, this refrigerator can deliver a great performance under any circumstance, with a really energy efficient performance.
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Its design is really good; it comes in white or gray, depending on the user desires. It is so spacious efficient that it offers different baskets and drawer options to make it look better and more spacious.

It has a Frost Free feature that lets the food inside stay frozen for longer periods of time, even after 2 days without power. A great refrigerator for anyone in search of spacious and performance aimed appliance.

2. Haier Feet Refrigerator

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This Haier product is a compact mini freezer and refrigerator with a great cooling feature and performance. This refrigerator comes in three different colors and it’s very energy efficient with a wonderful design.
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Being just 4 Cubic feet it is very spacious, with great storage features like a can disposal and a space for tall bottles.

Its performance is so good that it can freeze any kind of product that fits into the freezer in just 2 hours, something that not many refrigerators do, especially small ones.

3. Avanti Apartment Size Refrigerator

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This great refrigerator is a wonderful device who does a great job for the little energy consumption it has. With a great performance, this refrigerator doesn’t demand much energy, doing a great job at maintaining all your food at an acceptable level of coolness and freshness.
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Being an apartment-sized refrigerator doesn’t make it less proficient at storage space. Just like the previous one, this refrigerator can be modified and adjusted to develop more storage space and serve with more storage space to offer.

However, the only problem many users face with this refrigerator is its design, and the materials it was made with. Many users say its interior design doesn’t work too good, as the freezer ice can sometimes get to the bottom part of the fridge and form water deposits that can be really annoying.

But the fridge is great overall, with awesome features that make it one of the best refrigerators available.

4. Danby Refrigerator with Top-Mount Freezer

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This refrigerator is not the biggest on the market, but being an apartment-sized refrigerator doesn’t make it a less proficient appliance. With great looks and design, this refrigerator made of stainless steel has a great performance and its very energy efficient feature lets this device be a great choice for anyone.
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In the interior, it has bright LED lights which make it really wonderful as it let us see easily through all their crystal made drawers and shelves inside it. Fits wonderful for people who don’t want an immense refrigerator and at the same time will want a wonderful performance.

Its top freezer does a great job at freezing products, its temperature can be modified and be energy efficient, it does not harm your electric bill. Has electronic controls and an indication display to change everything from temperature to the way it cools. Being little doesn’t mean it is not spacious enough; it has shelves that can be adjusted and removed if desired.

5. Frigidaire Gallery Series Built-In All Refrigerator

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This refrigerator without a freezer is one of the biggest and most efficient refrigerators available. With a lot of storage space and with a quality performance that can’t be met by other of its kind, this great fridge does his work awesomely.
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Specially made for big kitchens or places where it is needed to have a lot of space to store different products, this refrigerator will do a great work at keeping all your products fresh and cool, without temperature variations and always energy efficient.

The best feature about this refrigerator is its easiness of organization; this refrigerator is so well designed that it won’t let you have disorganized products inside. Also, it comes with fabulous LED lights that will let you find anything in your fridge without any problem.

Very space efficient and with a good performance, this refrigerator is one of the best choices for people in search of big storage spaces and awesome performances.

6. LG French Door Refrigerator

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This wonderful refrigerator is one of the best in its kind. With a great performance that’s above other refrigerators, this French Door LG Refrigerator does his work perfectly. It maintains food and any product really cool and fresh inside, with no temperature variations as it has a sensor that helps it to stay always at a nice temperature.
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With really nice additional features like the water dispenser filtering, this refrigerator does a great work with its ice making and water dispensing features. Also, it doesn’t consume too much energy, even when it is a really big refrigerator with a lot of performance to deliver.

The best thing about this refrigerator is its design, made of stainless steel and wonderful LED light inside, this wonderful refrigerator is one of the best choices you can make if you are looking for a great refrigerator who offers quality performance and nice features.

7. Arctic King Compact Refrigerator

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This Mini-refrigerator with 2.6 cubic feet and one door is one of the best of its kind. It will keep all your food and drinks really cool and fresh inside, with a really energy efficient technology that make it a really nice option. It also has a chiller compartment that works as a freezer so you can store products you want to stay cooler or cold.
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It has a can dispenser so you can have your canned drinks easily on your refrigerator door. Made of stainless black steel and a great design overall, this refrigerator can be installed anywhere, from a garage to an office and even a small dorm room and it will do its job perfectly, with a nice temperature and enough space inside to store enough products.

The best thing about this mini refrigerator is that you have a great temperature consistency; it can stay cool and fresh for longer and with a better performance than others of its type. This makes it a really great choice for someone in search of a compact refrigerator to fulfill all his needs.

8. GE Profile Counter Refrigerator

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This refrigerator has a great temperature consistency and doesn’t have a problem with room temperature or any changes that could affect the fridge internally. However, its compressor works almost always and that can be turned down as it can get really noisy and consume a lot of energy and be inefficient.
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Nonetheless, this refrigerator is really big but doesn’t have space to store too much food. That means less space efficient, but can still be modifiable if drawers and such are removed from the appliance.

The best feature of this refrigerator is its water dispenser and ice maker, which will help anyone who’s in search of these features. Letting users make user of a self-reload feature in which the refrigerator will make the ice and dispense the water by its own, without much trouble.

With great temperatures and great additional features like the ice maker and water dispenser, this refrigerator is a good choice; unless you think that power saving is actually more important.

9. Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator

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This Side-by-Side stainless steel refrigerator has a wonderful temperature system that maintains food on a perfect state without damaging any goods or changing its temperature depending on the room temperature. It has a great temperature sensor that changes the temp of the inside by adapting it to the one in the outside and activating its compressor when it gets too hot.
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Really good looking refrigerator but doesn’t have an energy efficient build-up. It can be really energy demanding when its compressor works. However, it is not as demanding as other appliances.

Space won’t be a problem with this refrigerator, as it has an exterior dispenser for water and ice and internal shelves and drawers that can be modified to work and just door bins that can be modified.

Doesn’t make much noise unless its compressor is working, but even in that case, the noise won’t be tedious. However, the performance is so great that you won’t believe how fast it can freeze or cool your products. With just only 4 to 5 hours it can make ice or completely froze your stuff.

10. KitchenAid KBLS19KCMS

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This bottom Freezer Refrigerator delivers a great temperature performance which is often one of the best on the market. It keeps optimum temperatures in both the freezer and the fridge and within each compartment inside the fridge. It doesn’t change temperatures if the room temperature changes but can affect its efficiency as the refrigerator doesn’t adapt normally to temperature changes. It has a good humidity level, without damaging the goods or anything.
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It reflects a good energy efficient progress as it doesn’t consume too much, however, if it is used at its maximum, the consumption can increase and would start being really expensive as an energy drainer. This happens because it has a hard time at adapting to different room temperatures.

It doesn’t make too much noise when used; however, its compressor can make weird noises when it starts working.

For its storage space, there’s nothing bad to say about it. It has great storage space and can easily be modified to be used differently, can be used to storage anything and maintains food at a perfect status.

Refrigerators FAQs – Frequent Doubts Refrigerator Buyers Face

  • What’s The Best Refrigerator for Me? – The Best refrigerator would be the one who fits and fulfills your necessities. For example, if you live in a big house with more than 5 family members, a built-in refrigerator with a lot of storage space and no freezer would be the best option, however, a separate freezer would be needed. In case you live in a small apartment, you can go for a top freezer or bottom freezer one, these are not too big and not too small, and can still offer great performance for a humble price.
  • Does Better Performance mean Better Refrigerator? – It depends on a lot of things, especially its energy efficiency. Some of the refrigerators which have a great performance don’t offer great energy efficiency or make too much noise that can be really annoying.
  • Water Dispenser and Ice Maker are Important? – It is known that this kind of feature helps a lot, but it is also known that refrigerators which come with these features will need a lot more repairs and are far less energy efficient.

Decision Time – Which Refrigerator Is The Right Option?

best refrigerators

When we talk about refrigerators, we have to make a great decision, as these appliances can improve our daily life or just make it worse. However, there a few things to take into consideration at the moment of our buying, for example:

  • Price: The price says a lot about the efficiency and performance a refrigerator can give. But the most important thing is to know if the price of a refrigerator meets with its features and size. Most of them do but don’t ever pay more than $300 for a compact refrigerator.
  • Features: The features of a refrigerator are not only its design and additional add-ons like the water dispenser or ice maker. If you want to choose a great refrigerator you’ll have to look further into its storage capacity and the amount of energy it needs to function properly, plus a performance that meets with its price and size.
  • Temperature Controls: This is one of the most important features to take a look at the moment of buying. If a refrigerator doesn’t offer enough temperature control, it can mean that it doesn’t offer great performance. If you want to have a great refrigerator, be aware of this feature so you can be able to control the temperature of your fridge at any time.

To eventually choose the best refrigerator you’ll have to make a comparison between price and performance, plus storage space and design. With more time you put into these features, the more likely you are to choose the right option for you.